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Am I able to upload a profile image of my Certificate with my personal info hidden and a paper with my user´s name?

I was thinking about uploading a photo of my real English Certificate because it gives more credibility to buyers, but with my personal info covered up and a small paper with my name.

Is there a problem If I do it? Am I respecting the site rules?

Thanks for your answers.


You could, I guess, but why would you want to?

A profile pic needs to be professional and show the person behind the service.

Or ar least a logo.

If you feel like a certificate will help you with sales, you can always upload it as a pdf, along with your gig’s images.


It is not neccesary to upload my real photo because there are some risks.

Many people don´t show face and they are succesful here.

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An image of a certificate’s a bit useless if you remove the name, which is what you’d have to do - it doesn’t prove anything here.

You can always add it to your education/certification - I see you’re already a lawyer, an economist and a teacher - goodness! :sunny:


I show my username written in a paper to show people that my service is real

Pointless I’m afraid - all it does is to show you can use MS Paint or something like that. :slightly_smiling_face:


No, it is impossible because I wrote big letters with a blue pen

Big letters and a blue pen - it’s bound to work then! :slightly_smiling_face:


I finished it. Check the new photo!

Oh right - you were actually serious.

Well done. :sunny:


I think you could upload the pictures those are basically your with copyrights.
Here the certificate is also your personal thing, you could upload it.

Yes. It´s something to show credibility and not to confuse the buyer

Um, the words are cut off and it just looks like the text was scribbled with a blue marker. The words are backward, too. :grimacing: I’m a Seller/Buyer and I’m confused with what you’re trying to showcase here.


Some words are cut off because they show personal information (my name and surname).

That is my English certificate and I am offering a translation service. Didn´t you read my description and gigs?

Yeah, but no one’s going to look into that so closely. Most buyers can barely be bothered to read gig descriptions.

Most likely they’ll just assume that you’ve scribbled your username on a piece of paper for some unknown reason.


Oh I see.

No, don’t have :watch: time.

Anyway, carry on and good :four_leaf_clover:!


The question is … will it result in you getting orders?

I am posing this question based on all of the replies you have received so far.


I am a new user.

I should start doing online SEO for my gigs…

Maybe it would be better if you could scan the document and crop your contact details on your computer.

Instead of you using it as your profile pic consider uploading it within your gig images as a PDF for example. That way it will be easier to read for clients. Good luck :four_leaf_clover:


If this is your original certificate.
You shouldn’t change any of your details.
And you can show this while a buyer is in conversation with you.
Best of luck