Am I about to be scammed?


Hey, Fiverr.

I discussed working with a buyer to provide voice overs for their whiteboard animations. Things seemed pretty normal, but then he asked not only for an audio sample (which I don’t think is weird) but the full picture that I use for my profile in file format. This struck me as a little strange, and I wonder if this might end poorly.

What is your opinion?


Why would they need your picture? Are they trying to locate you outside of Fiverr?


Hmm :thinking:

Now that’s totally odd. Bizarre!

Maybe, to create a fake profile elsewhere?

I mean with the pic snatchers out there on the loose. I’d be leery of this request. Why in the world would he need a full picture for? What is he making a shrine? I’d ask him flat out why he needs a photo?


I’m not sure! I’ve kept all communications on Fiverr–I have no idea why they want my picture, and the sample they wanted me to record was like an introduction. I’m afraid someone will try to impersonate me :S


It must be the beard.

No, I’m only kidding!


That’s possible. There are copycat websites with copied Fiverr profiles.

You can ask them why they need your picture, though I really can’t think of a reasonable explanation for it.


Oh, Josh! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Well, the beard is nice and everything. :wink:

But you don’t want that fine beard plastered all over these internets by a suspicious character.


I also agree with you:sweat_smile:


This is where you say no and stop accepting orders from this buyer. What happens if you start selling on another platform and get banned for using your own profile pic and voice?

This is a no brainer. You give your identity to no one. - Especially in the age of facial recognition.

This request deserves the middle finger and nothing more.


This is where you say no and stop accepting orders from this buyer.

This request deserves the middle finger and nothing more.

Good suggestion :clap::clap::ok_hand: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::joy::joy:


Ok. This is weird now I’m kinda worried the same thing is happening to me. I put in a offer for a buyer request about a Month ago and the buyer and I messaged back and forth through fiverr and he got some quotes from me and said he is going to look at some others and get back with me.
Then yesterday I woke up to a message from the buyer saying “congratulations I have selected you to partner with for my american English voice over needs. They asked me for a intro sample like " hi my name is…I will be you american English voice actor.” Then said he was going to use my profile picture.
The buyer is a whiteboard animator. He was talking as if he needed the picture and the intro sample to show his buyers the voice he was using for their whiteboard animations. At least that is what I thought he was doing now I’m not so sure.
Sorry for long post but I thought it pertinent.


I think we are talking about the same exact person! I don’t know what to make of it.


Unfortunately, I think we are. Has he ordered from you yet.


He hasn’t ordered from me. I don’t know whether or not to go through with it. I just get a bad feeling. What do you think?


I have had some work but I have not had work from a whiteboard animator so I thought this was acceptable until I read this post. Now I’m not so sure about it. I did feel a red flag when he asked about my profile pic. It would be nice to hear from other voice talent to see if they have experienced this before.
I don’t know exactly what we can say about the buyer but I would be interested to now if your buyer is from **** as well.

Mod Note: Country reference removed.


He has not ordered from me yet either.


I can’t mention any specific country because of forum rules but I can say I am confident we are talking about the same person. It could be totally benign! Or it could be bad.


Sorry I missed that rule.
I hope it is all good. But if you don’t mind maybe we can stay in touch and see what happens when the buyer contacts again. My Last contact was yesterday.


Hey, Josh! :coffee:

Any updates? I’m a curious Kitty. :smiley_cat:


Maybe they want to create an account with your voice and appearance elsewhere and order your gig as soon as they get an order on the other platform.
It clearly rings some bells.