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Am I allowed to add portfolio link in gig?

Before bothering CS with my question, I was wondering if someone here could help me out. A lot of people message me asking to see my work, and I have a lot more of it in my portfolio off-site. I do link it in my profile, but I want the people who visit my gig to see it.

The last time I included it, my gig was put on hold, and required me to remove the link. I noticed other sellers including their portfolio link in the FAQ section of their gigs. How should I approach solving this? It’s very important for would-be clients to see my full visual portfolio with ease.

Thank you!


many sellers have a youtube link to their video portfolio.

You are not supposed to communicate outside Fiverr. what communicating means, depends on person.


You can add a portfolio to your gig description as long as it’s an approved URL.

And if you do so, the portfolio site can’t contain any contact info.


I use blogspot to display my portoflio and Fiverr allows that URL.

Thanks @annai80 for posting the list of approved URLS.

If you include a URL that’s not supported your gig will require modification.

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Roger that, guys and girls! Just signed up for flickr. Thanks for all the help!

@annai80 Am I allowed to provide the Flickr portfolio link to folks in order to see my portfolio? Of course I do not engage in outside contact.

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I would suggest to include it in your gig description.
For example:
For more samples please visit…

You can also include it in your FAQS or make a PDF


@glitchfool and others - Just in the interest of honesty and advising caution, I have to say that some of the Fiverr editors have either been given different instructions or I have misunderstood the Support article that @annai80 referenced.

The way I read the article, sellers should technically be able to put any URL listed in that article inside their profile AND/OR gig description. I am going to say, though, that I had a different experience on it and I decided it was easier to accept the situation than to try to argue it. This was just me, so if this happens to you, go with your own gut. I have a blogspot portfolio that is listed in my profile. At one time I listed in in my gig description as well. My gig was flagged by the editors and I was asked to remove it from the description and list it only in the profile. So, its no longer in my description.

I am assuming this is just a miscommunication somewhere, but I didn’t want to let this thread go by without saying what happened to me. I have seen people list their links in their FAQs without issue, although I don’t know if that is really covered. I’m not advising anyone not to list their approved URL’s in descriptions, I just want you to be aware that you might be asked to take it back out. It might not hurt to contact CS first and ask them directly. I hope my own experience was a one-time thing. Good luck!


I appreciate the extra info, font. The link I originally included in my gig was not found on that list. I’ve since removed it, and now changed it to one that is. I’ll just see where it goes from there, since I’ve already made the gig change. Hopefully it doesn’t lead to any irrevocable consequences, lol. Just trying to abide the rules while keeping customers informed of my work.

Thanks again!

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@glitchfool Update the thread if anything happens! Perhaps you can be our next lab mouse to see if this has been sorted!

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Next lab mouse? There have been others?! :open_mouth:

I sent a ticket in just in case, inquiring on the issue. I will keep everyone in the loop!


I was talking about me being the first, since I had to take the link out of my gig. :smiley: That’s OK, there are pet rodent fans on the forum who are some of my favorite people!

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Here’s the response I got back from CS:

I would assume this goes for the entire approved list of links, including blogspot. Could be you had some form of contact info on your page somewhere? I’m not sure.

Thanks for the help guys!


No, it was an extremely simple blog and they still let me leave it in my profile. (It’s a crappy one, but has no ToS violations.) I suspect I just happened to get someone new on the editorial or CS team who was confused. I think they hired extra CS people and some other new staff around the time it happened. I’ll try it again sometime but send in a ticket first and see what they say. Thanks for the update!

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It depends! Is it on an odd day in the second half of the week?

For months, I had a link to my personal website on my profile. Virtually the moment I realised this isn’t the best of ideas and changed it to one of the approved urls (my vimeo account) Fiverr took action. :expressionless:

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Pretty sure this is alright if you don’t make direct contact with the buyers outside of Fiverr :slight_smile:


hello everyone I am SCP Nayan from Bangladesh. i want to add a portfolio link in my GIG.
please help me with this matter.

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you can add your portfolio link on your gig descriptions.

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Hi Can I add my previous work link in gig description or should I use PDF to upload my work.Kindly suggest.thanks
in advance.

Can I add Dribbble as my portfolio link in Fiverr gigs and message? There is no contact info in my portfolio. It would be great if any of you can help. Here is the link:

Why did you reopen 7 month old topic when it is so easy to find answer using search?

Dribble is not allowed.

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