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Am I allowed to advertise my own App?


Hi there,

My company created a new online App. We are not trying to sell a service here but we want people to use our app and honestly, there are many people on Fiverr, who in their service providing on Fiverr, will find great benefits from using our App, at the moment we are basically giving it away for free. I am not sure as to what I am allowed to do here… Am I allowed to create a Gig that goes something like “I will give you my software for $5” or am I allowed to contact people with Gigs and tell them I have something they may want to use? Can someone please help me here?


Yes. You are allowed to create a gig offering your app.

No. You’re not allowed to reach out to sellers to sell your gig. (app)


I wouldn’t contact people directly since it’s considered spamming. Your account can get restricted. Good luck with your App :wink: