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Am I allowed to buy from another seller as a seller?

I read somewhere that when you are a seller are not being allowed to buy gigs now?

So if I need a new brand name, voiceover or whatever, I can not make the order as I sell here as well?

After so many changes, restrictions and punishments, I want to know what I am allowed here?
Or am I allowed to do anything on this site anymore? :slight_smile:


Am I allowed to buy from another seller as a seller?

Hi @retouchstudio1,

Yes, you’re allowed either requesting offers through BR or directly ordering from a seller.


Yeah, why not :slight_smile:

Because I read on the forum a few days ago that it is translated as manipulation for reviews and someone got into trouble

I think you might be referring to this thread?

It may only be part of a longer story.


Yeah, that’ll be a problem if you abuse it like so. also there should be some violations to have that kind of a problem because without fiverr team review that kind of a thing will never happen. if it completes as a regular order then there will be no matter because i am a seller also a buyer. i’m on fiverr for more than a year and didn’t have such a problem at all.

yes,you are allowed too…

Depending, I saw a few ‘smart guys’ that pose as ‘professional’ in their field.

Having gigs that are over $80.

They just found another vendor, buy that service from them with $20-$30 and resell it to their client. This is a nasty thing and it shouldn’t be tolerated. Sure, you can sell it outside the platform, but selling it inside the platform is not okay.

Well, if you give that seller a glowing review, and the same seller buys from you and gives you a glowing review, it can be seen as review manipulation, especially if the two of you repeat it a few times.

If you simply buy what you really need, and don’t participate in review exchange, you should be fine.

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To the best of my knowledge, Fiverr isn’t against reselling gigs.

Think about it, some people purchase gigs for $5 here and sell for up to $100 in the outside world, that’s business, that’s just the way it is.

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I know people who are re-selling outside the platform. But pretending to be a professional on a field and outsource people from fiverr to sell on fiverr is not okay.

I understand you.

From my experience, people mostly resell when they have too many orders and are scared they might not be able to deliver all within the required time. Some other times, in the process of working on an order, you may experience technical difficulties that require more expertise that you have, and I think in both cases it’s okay to outsource.

I wouldn’t purchase. Seeing how many people say that there has been problems after doing so. :neutral_face: But many sellers do purchase my gigs, so it’s a common practice. Not sure if any of them have also gotten trouble for doing so.

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Personally, I’m often skeptical each time another seller contacts me, especially when they offer similar services like i do.

I have also had to re-sell a gig, I was too quick to accept the offer without checking through to be sure I would be able to perform. When I got stuck, I had to look for another seller and re-sell to him. I was at a loss tho as he would only accept an amount higher than what the original buyer had offered me. I had no choice than to pay.

At least you paid and that speaks good of you :wink:

Most sellers though, charge their buyers 5 or 6 times more than what they are willing to pay other sellers (specially new sellers) for doing the outsourced job - practically wanting to get the job done for free. These type of sellers acting as buyers (outsourcing work) are the worst !!!

And I don’t say the above slightly, I have run through this myself a few times now with these “professional English to whatever language translation” sellers. Disgusting ! :angry:

Of course, they always end up conversation with something like “I have already found someone else. Have a nice day” to which I reply “I’m glad for you, have yourself a nice day too” :grinning: :wink:

Edit to add: And these" professional whatever language translators" are Level 1 and 2 :smirk:

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I run a voiceover production house in addition to producing voiceovers with my own voice. Many times my clients ask for female voices (more now than ever), and I often fulfill them employing voice actresses here on fiverr. I’ve ordered a total of 323 jobs from other sellers here on fiverr.

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