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Am I allowed to disclose my full name?


It’s already on my profile bio but a client is asking for it for credit purposes on a project and it made me wonder if this might be against the rules?



if you offer the service as rockbellstudios, then the client should credit rockbellstudios


I believe they want my name for a non disclosure agreement. I’m totally ok with this but I don’t want to brake any Fiverr rules.



Questions is, do you want to give them the name?


You can ask customer support as it seems to be a grey area.


You’ll need to get a permission from Customer Support to be allowed to sign NDAs, if I remember correctly.


If it’s for an NDA it needs to happen in an order and not outside the order in messaging. When I did my first one I checked with CS and there’s no real reason not to do that as it covers you but you’ll get the standard message: you can exchange information in an order if it is essential for the completion of the order.

If it’s a small order you might not want to bother (I set up a custom order for one client who needed the NDA signed before sending me the files so that I could quote for the main order).


Thanks a lot guys! I might have misunderstood the client. They just wanted to make sure I won’t reveal the material before them, which is completely fine.

I really need to learn more languages. Maybe that way I’ll be able to better understand some people :stuck_out_tongue:


thank you.this is very useful .God bless you