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Am I allowed to do this? I’m not sure

I like to edit pics but I’m not a photographer. Can I use pics from sites like unsplash or pixabay, edit them to make them purposely look bad and then re edit them to look better than the original pic to put in my portfolio?


I’m not a professional or expert in this area but my personal opinion is that it’s probably not something you can do. Whether it is legally, but especially ethically. Because you will take pictures from photographers on those sites (which are often of high quality) who are kind enough to let others use their work for free and you’ll purposively make it look bad. Regardless of the fact that people might not know who the photographer is, it doesn’t really seem right to me…

Have you thought about just taking pictures yourself? You don’t have to be a photographer to show your skills of editing pictures. I mean, the quality of phones these days are good enough to take a picture which you can use to showcase your skills (i.e. editing).


Technically you maybe can but it is a terrible plan. There are already many Gigs here that do exactly that. The problem is that it is exceedingly obvious that the After is the Before and the Before is simply the tidy image digitally roughed up.

That proves nothing but dishonesty. That puts you on the wrong side of the TOS as well as morality. You are here to deal with real image restoration which is a painstaking process, if you can’t show real work it begs the Q as to why you would offer the service.

Focus on things that you can prove that you can do well based on things you have done and can show. I don’t have a podcast editing Gig here, not because I can’t do it, I have been doing Audio Program with doctors, lawyers, salesmen, etc for about 30 years; it is just really hard to show that work with Fiverr’s linking policy and that most live behind paywalls so I can’t just make a pretty showreel. The other issue is that people seem to think 5 hours hard, detailed work should be $4. real professionals pay properly, Fiverr people do not.


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Why would you focus into transforming a good photo into a bad one? Why not take a good photo and transform it into a Great one!
See, in digital market, that’s what makes the difference…Your will to improve and not take the easy path.
You may think that it’s smart, but with this “plan” you won’t get anywhere. People appreciate honesty and humility.

I think your idea is not a very good one.

However, here’s an idea.

Why not put together a Gig where you can take a photo of someone and edit it so that they appear to be at a famous landmark?

You know, package it and sell it as “photos from your COVID vacation that didn’t happen.”

You can take royalty-free photos of famous places and edit in photos submitted by Buyers.

Extend it to Christmas Cards.

You know, “Merry Christmas from our COVID holiday album” and goofy things like that.

You need to think outside of the box with your talent if you want to stand out from the 12,765 other Sellers here offering photo editing service.

Good luck.


The problem is when you received an order from client who want to retouch their bad / low quality photo into good one, you will not able to do that.

Cause what you do is not touch up a photo to make it good but you simply make a good photo to look bad.
This is not good for you I think.

It’s like you lie to your customer.
Why not focusing on upgrading your skill, looking up for a original bad photo and touch them up to make look good and then ask permission with the owner to show as your portfolio.