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Am I allowed to include my personal website with portfolio in Fiverr?

Hello Fiverr community,

Some time ago, I made my personal website with main page (about me, link to portfolio, link to fiverr Gig, contact me section) and portfolio page where I will put preview of all my works.

The problem is, I didn’t link it when I was making my Sellers account since I didn’t host it yet. So, can I link it in my profile description or somewhere else?

Also, I am concerned that if I link my website somewhere, Fiverr won’t like that I have contact me section since somebody that comes from Fiverr to my website can contact me outside of Fiverr (direct email).

Thank you in advance!

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There are a list of links you can use in your gig description in the seller FAQs

The following URLs may be used in your profile or Gig description:


Ah ok, thanks for clearing that out.

So, where can I make a portfolio for works that are not made in Fiverr then?