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Am I allowed to link my blog?

Hey :smiley: Two quick questions:
If I post a guide here on the forum (E.g. How to communicate with clients effectively, ect.) am I allowed to link my blog post where I go more in-depth on the topic?
Second question: If I have a gig, am I allowed to link my blog as my portfolio if it contains material I made related to that gig?

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good question, I would like to know the same thing. Are we allowed to have outside links to say an audio soundcloud/youtube?

You are not allowed to share any external links on any of your profile/gig descriptions, except for the following links that are allowed by Fiverr:

@radiojay So, yes, as you can see from this list of permitted links, SoundCloud and YouTube links are allowed on your profile/gig descriptions.


Thanks for the reply!
So to clarify, if I have a blog, for example then I’m allowed to link it on my Fiverr profile, my gigs and on the Fiverr forum?

Yes. Only the above-mentioned domains are allowed. No other external links are allowed. Even links to your Facebook profile or your blog/some other website that’s not on the list are not allowed.


Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions :smile:

You’ve changed your post - no bother! :slightly_smiling_face:

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