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Am I allowed to make a gig: Selling Emails?


I don’t want to break any rules.

I have legally collected 300.000 world wide email addresses.

Am I allowed to sell that list on Fivver as a gig?

For example: “I will sell 300.000 emails for your bulk email marketing”.

If you type “email list gig denied” in the search bar above you will find that Fiverr does not allow such gigs.


Be aware of the laws against spam. Having a collection of email addresses would be against those laws to use to send spam. Only a company or person who has a relationship with the owner of the email can send them an email. It is part of enabling spammers to sell lists of email addresses.


This is a terrible service idea, and illegal in many countries. Plus, those 300,000 emails are worthless since they are just random emails, and not targeted to any company’s clientele or services. You can be better than this. You can take the high road and not support the propagation of spam.


In addition your internet service provider would shut down anyone who tries to send out over about 10,000 emails at one time and you would be blacklisted from getting internet service. The same thing would happen if you try to send them out from a domain. The surge in data usage would prevent you from getting service from anywhere again. Not you in particular but anyone trying to send out spam in quantities.

Ok, I understand. I’m not going to do that!

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