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Am I at the right platform here?

As I am trying to build my personal design/art portfolio(s) for my future stundy and career rather than trying to make money out of it… Would I be able to build up the relationship in here with all professionals here and get advices from? I will keep in uploading my works here weekly and see what it can bring me into~

Althought I may not be able get any clients but I still love to make friends in the design business.


Fiverr is a marketplace of buyers & seller.

Would you take your pictures to a supermarket and ask people looking for sausage to be your friend and assess your abilities? I assume not as you would probably realize that people are there to buy & sell not to give free advice. This is what your Art Teacher is for.

If you don’t have an Art Teacher, try an online community where people show their art and comment (without being a pig about it if you are lucky).



Thanks for your reply and I totally understand what you are saying. However it is hard for us as a new freelancers to step into this business at first when we don’t have much works to show for the protential clients. Moreover, I think by being in the actual environment could help building our way up.

Your question and description is completely opposite.

You want to share your portfolio - you can’t do that here (three photos can hardly be called as portfolio)
You do not want to do it for money - this is money for service exchange site
You want to step in to business - but you do not want money?

If you want to work and get paid less then acceptable in most cases (as beginner) then this is a site for you.

If you do not want to work and get paid - this is also on some level and some services site for you (the magical word is outsourcing).

If you do not want to work and do not want to get paid, do YouTube. Same effect.


Thank you for your advice and I will reposition myself asap~

I understand but surely if you have done enough practice to be worth hiring, you must have built something that you can show along the way. I understand that pieces that you make for yourself may not seem as powerful as those commissioned but you use what you have - that is your Portfolio. A client worth having wants you for you not for who you already worked for.

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Totally get it by now and thank you for your efforts on explaining to me. This is really kind of you~

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