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Am I being ripped off?

I have bought 7 solo email blasts delivering to over 70 million subscribers but I haven’t had a single response.

Are these sellers just saying “order delivered” when they haven’t done anything , and stealing my money?

Well, ask them for prove, if you’re unsure. But the whole idea sounds a bit… fake. Just the title of it. It’s always risky to buy such thing. :wink:

For heaven’s sake @akikmiah, how many people do you know, online & off? Maybe a few hundred? Maybe a thousand? No one has 70 MILLION connections, no matter what kind of hokey story they tell you. You want to know why you have no responses? Because your email is somebody else’s SPAM: deleted or screened out. If it even got sent out.

Fiverr doesn’t scrutinize every gig as it’s created, only if there’s a complaint about it. And that’s when sellers of this type of nonsense gets their gigs deleted. As soon as Fiverr delete gigs like this one, 5 more pop up.

Do yourself a favor:market the right, legal way. Build up slowly. Solicit people genuinely interested in whatever you sell. Yes, it’s more difficult, but you won’t find yourself posting a sad story on the forums about losing your account somewhere because you took the easy way.

Whatever you’re selling, your “advertisement” is someone else’s spam. When people see your “email blast”, they either assume what your selling is a scam, or simply are annoyed and delete it along with thousands of other emails from Nigerian princes and penis enlargements salesmen.

Like someone else said, marketing the right way will pay off. Thinking you can access an audience of 70 million for 35 dollars is ridiculous to say the least. To run an ad during prime time television, which accesses maybe 10 million people on a good day, it costs hundreds of thousands if not millions. Use logic.

this gigs need to go away imo , cheating the system is one thing but spending money on it and expecting results …and then when you get scammed you complain?

Imo anyone who buys “views” “subscribers” “likes” and any social media cheat to promote your products and make it look “profressional” dont get to complain about the results.

If you cheat and got cheated then go home and eat sushi.

I know it sounds harsh but ,its the truth.

How are you going to hire a hitman and then go to the cops saying " i hired this hitman and it didnt do his job" .

Also the high num was a giveaway of a scam.

Contact CS.

Best of luck

<3 cookie monster Biancha

This is not how solo ads work and no one but no one has anything approaching even 3/4 of a million subscribers, never mind 70 million. Solo ads are sent out by people who have built up a list of their own, mainly in the internet marketing niche and if you have a good landing page or freebie you should have got sign ups or conversions but if the gig really states 70 million subscribers then I find this a bit suspect and I am not surprised you did not get any conversions at all.

The other thing here is if these are/were genuine solo ads you would be buying by clicks and you need to track those clicks to see if anyone is really clicking on your link by using tracking software or even a simple plugin if you are using wordpress & If you have not done this then you have no way of knowing if anyone is clicking on your links.

If someone has stated though they sent this out to 70 million subscribers there is a bull in the vincinity

Reply to @markp:

markp said: there is a bull in the vincinity
Get the shovel, pa, the sh*t's getting deep!

2 problems here.

  1. It sounds too good, so it probably is. They may be using something like this www blast 4 traffic dot com.
  2. We all get these kinds of emails, when was the last time you went surfing through your spam folder? I go in and clear it out every 3-4 months and delete hundreds of thousands of emails. I’m quite sure I was someones hopeful target to convert into a customer… but alas, their bulk email landed them in the spam category.

    So more than likely even if they did deliver I doubt you’d ever see a healthy response from such an email campaign.

I’d be more surprised if you had any responses.

If I had a list of 70 million subscribers, I wouldn’t be using it to sell gigs for $5.

Remember, if it seems too good to be true. It probably is.