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Am I being scammed by the client?

A client asked me to design a dress.
-I had 48 hours to deliver, and i did so in half the time.
-The client “saw” the work but never responded.
-Fiverr has a note “your work will be marked completed in 3 days”… after two days i asked the client what he thought of the work. He said he would get back to me.
-I thought it was interesting right at the 3 days mark he requested a revision (a simple one), however…
-Even though I delivered on time, WHY does Fiverr have my work marked LATE now?!
-Also, I set the option for revisions to be an additional $10 and 2 days, but I do not see that extra time or extra $10.
WTF?.. My concern is he waited this long so that my order would become “LATE” and then when he gets his satisfaction he will argue that I was late and not pay?



Since your initial delivery was on time, you don’t have to worry about it. The order is marked as late because the delivery time have passed while the order was in revision.

Maybe because the buyer didn’t order that extra and just requested a revision on the order page?

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If you’ve delivered your initial work within the allotted time, you don’t need to worry about being marked LATE. This only applies to the initial delivery. In theory, you can now provide revisions forever, and it wouldn’t affect your ‘on-time’ rating (nor would your seller be able to cancel due to late delivery). So you’re covered there.

Regarding the revision cost, you will need to submit this to the client as a Gig Extra. This is available underneath the messaging field when communicating within the order. Submit the Extra, allow your client time to pay, and when he does so, you can then provide the revision.


Phew, ok. Thanks for the helpful tips and I found the ‘Offer More Extra’s’ button.