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Am I being scammed? Fiverr cancel my order for no reason?

Hi. I really need some help here. One of a ************ guy contacted me the other day for translation service. After it seems that he requested a refund for no reason. I finished the translation already and sent the file to him then he canceled without paying me.

Fiverr don’t give me any reason for a canceled order. :frowning: I did this project for 10 days and it is 450$ USD. It is all gone. Can anyone help me?

Thank you!

Mod Note: Country/region reference removed.

Am I being scammed? Fiverr cancel my order for no reason?

This is not custom support service you have to open a ticket and explain the issue, you might find the reason of the cancellation in your dashboard.

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You shouldn’t be calling out people from individual countries.

The only only way to get your problem resolved is to contact customer support.

No one in the forums can help you.


I was just stating the truth. So you think I am a racist? Thanks! I have contacted them and I hope they will solve my problem…

This has nothing to do with being racist or not.
Forum rules simply doesn’t allow call out countries, regions or names of sellers and buyers.


Ok. Sorry about that. I didn’t fully read the forum rules.

That wasn’t necessary. Calling out people from different countries simply isn’t allowed on the forums. Doing so can get your post removed, or the entire thread can get taken down. Either way, it results in no more discussion on the very topic that you need answers to! I was just trying to be helpful.


It is likely that the person canceled through their bank or credit card and Fiverr will not be able to help you recoup your losses. Never hurts to try reaching out to Customer Service and asking them about the order and why it was canceled.

I had this same thing happen to me a few weeks ago - someone orders a large order that was close to $300 and to top it off, wanted it in 24 hours - and turned around and cancelled it within an hour or so of me delivering it. I had no idea it was canceled until I logged on later that day. I was pissed to say the least. According to support, this scammer canceled through their credit card so there was nothing they could do to get the funds I worked so hard for.


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Thanks for sharing your experience with me! But strange thing is, this buyer makes another account to contact me again, he said his account was deactivated for no reason! I have no idea if he is telling the truth or not.

Probably not.

However, it is strange that this person has revealed their identity to you.

If I was you, I’d let them know that their last order was cancelled. As a result, Fiverr has taken back all your earnings from your previous project. Tell the buyer that you can, therefore, not work with them again and that you are no longer accepting large or bulk orders on Fiverr. (This will stop them creating a new account to order from you again.)

Tell the buyer, though, that if they contact CS to remedy whatever has happened with their last order, you will be happy to work with them again.

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Accounts are never deactivated for no reason. Refuse any work with this person.

You just create a ticket and explain that what actually happened inside. thanks