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Am I being scammed? New seller & 40 Gig order

Greetings Fellow Fiverrs,

I have been a buyer for about 6 months and started selling (voiceovers) about 10 days ago. Since then, I’ve had 9 orders with exemplary feedback. I recently received a message from someone who wanted me to do a large read which would equate to about $180. I received another message today from someone who wants me to do a large read for $150.

The problem is really two fold. The first is that I’m a new seller, so buyers can’t order multiple volume gigs. In this case, they buyer would have to order about 40 separate gigs which seems to me to be risky. More specifically, it seems to me as though they might order the 40 gigs, approve 1, get their order and contest the rest. If legit, then this seems like the hassle would scare off the buyer.

I certainly do not want to violate the Fiverr Terms of service and deal with the buyer outside Fiverr. It seems to me that there should be a way to facilitate this where the buyer is happy, the seller is happy, while Fiverr gets their respective cut. I sent Customer service an email, but no response.

Now of course, all of this is irrelevant if I’m simply being scammed. But I’m new here and not as seasoned as many of you. But alas, I hate turn down over $300 orders.

Any feedback is most appreciated.


I am unsure of how your gig is set up due to how much $5 would buy… I am a level 2 so now buyers can do extras and muli orders, but I have had one or two rather big orders, but they still would of had to buy more orders than just 1 even with my extras and multiples. What I did was talk to the client and have them buy for one gig, done the amount of work that covers and then they ordered another… This way even it was a scam they weren’t able to do more than 1 negative feedback and if unsatisfied they wouldn’t need to refund everything and I wouldn’t of wasted way more time doing them… Also this will give you more time to do the order than instead of rushing to do something in the same amount of time as something a lot smaller.

That is way, Now we should aware more. Last 2-3 days ago I got the same message.

I don’t think you’re being scammed, although I could be wrong. The seller can’t just cancel the orders if you don’t want them to. The only way he could bug you is by leaving negative feedback on all of them. Which I find really far fetched - that someone would want to spend $150 just to ruin someone’s gig.

Great feedback. Thanks so much for the prompt response. The URL above was very helpful and one of my potential buyers has been active with a history of positive reviews. The other, no reviews. As for going outside Fiverr, that was never an option I was considering.

I think what I’ll do is one of the following…

  1. offer to break down into smaller pieces (1 per gig)
  2. Deliver the complete works with an audio watermark until the all but the last order is processed. Then send the entire works without the audio watermark with the last order.

    Any other thoughts are appreciated. And thanks again for being so quick to help. I’ll be sure to feed the Karma meter by helping someone too :slight_smile:

I think that breaking it down into smaller chunks is a good idea if you’re concerned. Ask them to purchase $20 worth of gigs then purchase $20 more once those gigs have been delivered and completed, for example. It sounds like you’ve got a good game plan based off your message above. Good luck!

I agree about the smaller chunks approach.

I responded to both sellers offering a price break due to the hassle. For each I offered to break the job down into separate gigs, and deliver a portion of the large script for each order. On the final order, I’d send the last segment in addition to a file containing one long (very long) read.

Hopefully Fiverr Customer Service will have some brilliant feedback but I’m pretty much resolved that I’ll lose these sales. Who knows though :slight_smile:


Reply to @madmoo: Yeah, I hear you. That’s precisely why I wanted to run by you kind folks. I’m pretty a pretty cautious guy. If I get an more “alarm bells” going off, I’ll post back. For now I’m just waiting on the potential buyers to respond.


tsweezey said: Reply to @madmoo: Yeah, I hear you. That's precisely why I wanted to run by you kind folks. I'm pretty a pretty cautious guy. If I get more "alarm bells" going off, I'll post back. For now I'm just waiting on the potential buyers to respond.

Please do, and I hope all goes really well for you as all those order will have you become a Level seller quickly! :)

Well, the good news is that one of the buyers was ready to proceed with the 30 gigs and segmentation of the orders. Bad news is that I eventually declined both parties.

I asked to review each of the scripts and it simply wasn’t for me. They were both “make money quick” presentations where I’d have to use an alternate persona. As much as I would have liked the money and shiny new level here on Fiverr, ultimately it wasn’t worth it for me. I’ve never been asked to do this before so I wasn’t prepared.

Thanks again for all the feedback. It was very helpful.


A very helpful post…Thank you all for clarifying risks and suggested practice when dealing with large orders.