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Am I being scammed or impatient

My seller sent a notification that my order was delivered. I go to look at it and can’t find a file anywhere. I comment, and he responds that he needs time to load it. Two days later it’s still not there and he won’t respond. This is my first time using the service so maybe I am missing the delivery method. Thoughts? Or instructions on how I can see my completed order…

It’s against Fiverr TOS to deliver empty files. If he’s gone AWOL and not offering any explanations as to when he will deliver, that’s a bad sign too. I’d get in touch with Customer Support and explain the situation.

It’s a bad sign, first, return the order for modification and then contact customer support.

I think he’s had enough time to load it. Customer support will give you a refund.

He clicked the delivery button without delivering anything. I strongly suggest you request a cancellation, as well as tell Customer Support about it so they can deal with the seller (and your order if the seller refuses to cancel it).

Yea you’re being scammed. Cancel your order…
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Scammed! Something like that happened me too…for $5 I just moved on. Fiverr has changed; I feel you can only trust about 20% of the sellers; most seem fake to me.