Am I being scammed or what?


Hello guys!

So here is the story: i payed for a gig about proofreading and editing with one of the seller, two weeks ago. Her profil seems nice, with many reviews and top seller logo. So i was like, ok she will be good.

Anyway I order my gig. When it has been delivered, I was at that moment on my ipad, and i don’t know why, i couldn’t get a preview of my doc.file, so i just accept and review. Then by mistake i put her 4 stars out of 5 with my big finger on my little screen ;-). She poped up ask me to put her 5/5 to improve her service. She opened a dispute with fiver so I can fix it.

Meanwhile, I logged on my computer and opened the file: well out of my 2500 words, I had the impression she corrected may be 5/6 words…I point out that i was thinking that for 25 dollars, 5/6 words being corrected seems light…Then the fiver dispute closed down and she say they closed it down as I can’t modified my mark. Is that true?

For your intel, I am not english native, and I order a second gig with another seller, she corrected and spotted more than 40 mistakes!

So Am i being scammed?


You completed the order without looking at the output…I think, because of this your situation got worse . There are some fake sellers here and you can’t trust them but moreover there are many true sellers on whom you can rely no matter you are at ipod or computer.

and yes Fiverr close the dispute after three days.


Sorry to hear about this bad experience. By system, the dispute is closed in 3 days (after the work is marked as completed). But as you can get a refund through Support. You can submit a ticket of Fiverr Support, describing the situation. They will review on this.


hhhmmm :male_detective:

hhhmmmm :male_detective:

it is suspicious


Yes, you got scammed.

I am a writer. The editors, proofreaders that I use - on & off 5r - would have rearranged sentences, reworded and given me tips on structures and suggestions on how to improve. The whole article should have been marked up.

That was really messed up and someone took you for a ride.


Can you please post a screenshot of the logo?

I’ve never heard of a Top Rated Seller with only 450 reviews.

A buyer can’t just change the review on their own. The seller must send a dispute through the Resolution Center on the order page, and it can be done only once per order.


My bad, i confused with another gig, she is seller lvl 2, with 4.8 stars, and 68 reviews. But she also got other sellers page proposing differents services with approxi the same amount of review and rank.

However i understand that she can open the dispute, but she said fiiver closed it down, which i found it suspicious that fiiver closed it down, when she realized i was not happy with her work :wink:

And I am a really easy costumer, got this guy i back up 46 times so far in fiiver, with 5 stars each times! ^^


You have to respond to the request for feedback change within a certain time (I’m not sure what it is, 48 hours maybe?), and if you don’t, it gets automatically closed.

If it got closed much faster than that (for example, in a few hours), then it’s possible that she had withdrawn the dispute.


If this is the actual communication between you and her, it is very obvious that her language skills are far from native and that you have been taken for a ride.