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Am i being scammed?

I have a buyer who, after his gig was marked as “completed” contacted me to say that he wasn’t satisfied with the job and wanted a refund. I was cool with that and asked him to contact Fiverr support to get a refund as i don’t know how to go about refunding a completed gig. He replied with his email address and asked me to send him the refund via PayPal as doing it through Fiverr support would take too long. Am i being scammed? How shall i handle this?



Hey , only refund the guy in fiverr system , never in paypal

You can initialize a refund by clicking on “resolution center,” the rest is self-explanatory. Personally, I hate negative reviews. Your reputation is worth more than any amount of money.

My only question is, how long did the buyer wait to complain? I hate it when they wait too long, but remember, they can still review you, and unless you have a lot of positive reviews, it might affect your rating.

Don’t refund him!!

He already marked your order as complete it doesn’t make sense!.. if he wasn’t happy he should have said something before that!..

I have refunded orders even 30 days after they were excepted as complete.

Message with your client and show consent for the refund in the message. Then start a ticket explaining what you would like done. CS will take care of it.

Hello, any personal details sharing like contact, email etc. is fully against as per Fiverr TOS. if buyer sending any type of these details or he/she asking for contact outside. you must be need to contact customer support as soon as possible.

May be he/she will try to scam, so please contact customer support and explain your all concern. fiverr support team will be resolve your issue sure.

I will not repeat what the previous commenters mentioned but I will emphasize that you should never use off fiverr links, emails, payments or communication because it’s against fiverr’s rules and Fiverr is you source. You have to respect them.

Once you open the attached file/gig even before reviewing it, the order is marked completed

Even if it weren’t for the ToS issues of refunding the payment, you’d be paying more to the buyer than you’d have received, because the buyer’d be expecting you to cover Fiverr’s commission and service fee (for a total of $5.50, instead of the ~$4.00 you would normally get), right?