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Am I Being Taken For A Ride?



Looking for suggestions on what could be the best possible course of action here.

The background:

  1. Buyer approaches me with a project.
  2. I give an estimate of $100 and buyer asks if I can do $60 as he’s a student.
  3. I re-evaluate the project and quote $80 with a relaxed deadline.
  4. Buyer comes back after 24 hours with several queries on how I would complete the project. I answer all of them (assuming the price and delivery time are acceptable to him now).
  5. Buyer starts negotiating over the price and time again.
  6. I finally quote $75 and knock a day off. The project gets scheduled for delivery mid of next week.

This is where things get interesting:

  1. Buyer says he would like to pay from two different accounts as his friend and she are in on this project together and would like to split the cost.
  2. I’m okay with this; didn’t feel like changing my quote at all. I ask how to split.
  3. Buyer suggests $51 and $24 as that’s what she’s having in her account.
  4. I ask him to get her to be online and send both of them their offers.
  5. Buyer asks me to wait as they arrange the funds.
  6. I start feeling if I should start feeling something here.
  7. An hour later the $24 order gets paid. I start downloading stuff specific to buyer’s requirements.
  8. Another hour goes by and the buyer says he only has $16 to pay in his account and thought he could pay from funds pending clearance but it doesn’t work.
  9. Buyer sends his account’s screenshots and requests me to accept $16 for now and that he would clear the dues in two weeks when his funds become available.
  10. Buyer also requests that I deliver before the second payment since he needs his project on Monday following the next week.

So, what do I make of all this?

The buyer is a Fiverr seller himself so it’s hard to believe he didn’t know how much he had available to pay from his account.

I can also clearly see $24 pending for clearance tomorrow and another two weeks from now, and, so, I’m also wondering why didn’t he offer to pay $40 as his first payment. (Although, I do believe that simple things could escape one’s mind if they’re feeling stressed out.)

So, what would you do in this situation?

A. Cancel?
I’m a new seller and if I cancel the order my cancellation rate would become 50%.

B. Stand your ground?
I’m a new seller with all five star but only a handful of reviews. If I become adamant on payment first the buyer could rate me poorly and that too from two different accounts!

C. Raise a dispute?
I’m a new seller but from what little I’ve read over the forum here, the CS would side with the buyer (no?) citing you agreed to do this for $24. Do it, then!

D. Offer an amicable solution
…with your help. Yes, yes… I would absolutely love that!


Cancel and tell them to wake up and smell the coffee.
You don’t need the hassle of this. The fact you are a new seller could be being used to manipulate you. Having a 50% cancellation rate won’t affect you - you cant be demoted after all!
People who operate like this (even assuming they are genuine) are a nightmare and will likely drive you crazy.
Best case: They will be a pain to work with and waste your time
Worst case: They never pay more than the $16 and you waste your time doing $100 worth of work for about $12. They may also hold you to ransom further considering you gave in so much already.

I would also report them to CS and explain the whole thing. It may simply be stupidity but it might not so better to get it on the record. For all you know they have 2 accounts and do this all the time.


Please take the order.bcaz your r earnings something.if u cancel the order.yours rating will goes u it’s better take order.


The only reason I’m dreading a 50% cancellation rate is because I wouldn’t be able to use the ‘Available Now’ feature. I thought I could really leverage that to gain some momentum.

But, thanks. That’s some really good practical advice to keep emotions out of business.

Although, I wouldn’t report anyone to CS unless I’m 100% sure it’s a scam. Being a seller, I would hate myself for flagging another seller (and possibly affecting their livelihood) when all they were having was a bad day!

That’s one reason I’ve posted it here; if it has happened to someone before, they could warn me in time.


And this makes perfect sense too. Cut my losses!

Ah, the headache begins.


Believe me, from my point of view, you’re not missing much!

Just reading the dialogue of what happened - I could smell the fish from here. If you don’t report what’s happened then this buyer/these buyers (cough!) will keep pulling stunts on other sellers - please report to CS for all our sakes.


Tell him that you will work on it but you will only deliver order when you pay him full payment untill then you should not do anything


Thank you for your reply.

I would really like to clarify that the buyer doesn’t have multiple accounts. I had checked the second profile before sending the offer and it offered a gig in the same category as that of the buyer, although, with considerably less order and reviews.

So, it wouldn’t make much sense for the buyer to open a second account to dilute his gig ratings.


That’s one of the reasons they open a second account! :wink:


Yes, that would be another sensible thing to do but I feel (from his several questions about understanding the source code before) that the buyer’s need could be academic in nature, and, if so, withholding the source code or the whole product would definitely earn me two one-star ratings! :joy:


Fair enough but from what I hear, it is not as good as you might think it is. A 1-star review will be much more difficult to recover from.

You flagging them will not do anything except tell Fiverr to look at this person. If there is nothing wrong then nothing will happen. By not reporting them, you might be allowing this person to do this to someone else, some other new seller who has their account ruined by 2 1-star reviews.


Just message that seller (buyer) and tell him that you will report that order and all messages to CS and to trust and safety team as you feel that they are playing around with you and using the low cancellation rate stuff on you.

The trust and safety team can tell if both accounts belong to one use, and then they will close both accounts for that user. Plus, they can also tell if that user did the same thing with other new sellers!

Just message them and tell them that you want the full amount of money otherwise hit the report button and contact the CS.



  1. Buyer says, he doesn’t have Paypal in his country. So, unable to pay any other way.

  2. Buyer is offering his a/c credentials to keep as security till the funds are cleared and says I can transfer the balance as well. Whoa, plot twist!

This does make me think he’s genuine, although, morally I don’t feel like taking up his offer.


Another ToS violation.

He can pay with a credit card. People do it all the time.


Buyer is a student, so, I’m not sure he would have one.


Please - just stop and read back everything you’ve typed.

If it were somebody else typing and you reading it, what would your impression be?

I know it’s always a good idea to look for the best in everybody, but this is very much the real world.

Please get this to CS and get out of it as quickly as you can.


The conversation would have ended for me after this.

  • My rates are what they are. If a buyer cannot afford them, she/he is more than welcome to go elsewhere.
  • I am willing to bet dollars to doughnuts that the buyer provided no evidence of actually being a student.
  • Having to pay from two separate accounts sounds suspicious as all get out.

Being a student does not in itself make a person impecunious. As a former student, I had a credit card at my disposal (though I only used it in actual emergencies).

Virtually everything about this situation from the buyer’s end seems off.


I’m sorry but you need help.

If your buyer has paid X deliver what X is worth and move on.

What you have done here is:

  • Offered a significant discount while simultaneously increasing your actual workload (Communication etc)
  • Put your own Fiverr account at risk by participating in sharing screenshots of account details and making it look like you are farming reviews from several sellers who are likely all the same person (You might not see your recent activity this way but a robot will)
  • Convinced yourself that this is still going somewhere at a time when other sellers would have already called the fire brigade

Stop. It’s over. Deliver something and cease and desist all further communication with this person.


I was in the same situation before when I was a new seller.
My buyer asked to do a split payment. I regretted doing that. It was a nuisance that bothered me for the whole week when the buyer rudely urged me to complete the job before the second payment was paid. In fact, it was never paid.
Trust your instinct, if you feel uncomfortable, just refuse to work.

In short: Stop right there. Contact customer support, explain everything and ask them to cancel the order.


Am I Being Taken For A Ride?

You got it, dude!

Your topic title is an understatement.

You’ve been taken for a bumpy 10-mile :oncoming_automobile: ride and the buyer just ditched you on the side of the road. While speeding away with dust flying in your face, laughing their :peach: off.

I’m sitting here sippin’ on my latte :coffee: smh. If this was a scene from a movie – it would’ve won
The Razzie Award 2018 hands down.

First of all Fiverr is not set up to take partial payments between two accounts – that in itself is absurd. So, basically you decided to go along with this clusterF, you are not making the marketplace safe for all Sellers. You are an enabler. You condoned their suspicious and ridiculous behavior. Despite having your doubts and whatnot. Student or not, please, this is a :money_with_wings: PAY for service website, the Buyer could’ve easily saved up his coins first. This is not a swap meet/flea market where Buyers can haggle prices. Either they pay the going rate or go away, it’s rather simple!

Double facepalm :woman_facepalming:t4::woman_facepalming:t4:
If that’s the case then he should know better!

Besides, if you don’t want to report this Buyer/Seller to CS, I really hope a user took a FULL screenie of this thread and forwarded to CS. Users need to keep this site free of riff raffs with their bogus tactics making a Seller’s life hell. Sellers/Buyers undermining the system - come on folks set an example.

Anyway, whatever you decide to do with this order… May the force be with you!