Am I being Targeted?


I really don’t get it. I now have no business. Fiverr pulled ALL my comedy gigs in which I wore strange thongs/flags and hats as being “offensive” and “adult themed” despite the fact there was nothing “adult” about them - the bizzare dress was the comedy element. I have been told in no uncertain terms that the conversation on this is over and there is ‘no market’ for this, even though they were very popular and customers loved them. Yet when I search fiverr, there are gigs clearly labeled as “sexy birthday” etc. clearly showing half naked men jiggling and dancing - So, is it just me? What’s going on?


No idea I’m afraid, but delighted to see Sir Nigel back - hurrah! :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope he stays for a long time in his current form.


I don’t think he will. There doesn’t seem to be any takers for the newly dressed Sir Nigel. :frowning:


It sounds like it’s out of their “editorial focus”. :slightly_frowning_face:

I guess they want more people to take the website seriously. However, I don’t want to be serious all the time lol. Gigs like yours are fun & creative. Love 'em :heavy_heart_exclamation:

However, I’m thrilled to see you’ve added two new gigs. :tada:

Favorited them.

The new attire is not too shabby! :wink:

Gosh, I hope they don’t get rid them. :weary:


I encourage you to start your own business outside of Fiverr because Fiverr is definitely slowly removing gigs of this nature.

2 people come to mind. Fiverr closed their account and are now doing successful elsewhere.


If you know how to do origami, fiverr has given the rising talent badge to someone who does that, although so far there are no buyers, but at least they like origami gigs. So that is in their focus, but if you do it be sure to remain clothed.

I looked up “sexy birthday” and see just one guy doing that and in his fiverr promo videos he is only shown nude from the waist up. He also has a lot of duplicate gigs.
He might be next to go but who knows.


I wouldn’t trust the “rising talent” badge since it seems to be automated.


Welshbloke doesn’t strike me as an origami guy. :smiley:

He’s too entertaining for that. :uk:

I’m tempted to search for these gigs. :sweat_smile: but I’ll pass! I’m sticking with you!
I’m sure it’s not just you, it’s prolly only a matter of time before those gigs get the ax.


Where is said “rising talent” badge? Is this a new system besides levels?


No. It’s called a badge but it’s just a label on certain gigs when searching for a service. It’s not a badge, or a level.


Thanks for the info.


Well, I did a search and found this:

I Will Make A Sexy Policeman Happy Birthday Video
I Will Create A Sexy Erotic Ebook Cover
I Will Do Dance Like A Crazy Boy On Your Song
I Will Create A Drag Queen Video Message

However, I noticed it’s not as easy to find dancing videos as it used to be, I’m not getting as many results, so it does seems they’re cracking down on that category. You might have to speak to CS.

I’ve been complaining for a while that Fiverr is becoming more serious as time goes back. I don’t know how long the Fun & Lifestyle category will last.