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Am I being trolled?

Hello! I’m new with Fiverr, and was super excited to get my first order yesterday.
My second order (today) was problematic. I received a message from someone who asked if I can read a certain script, I said yes and made an offer. Immediately upon delivery, they replied that I “need to send them an actual voice-over” and accused me of being a Google voice-bot or something. I was taken back. I re-recorded his audio, and resent, and included my demo and a short recording of me saying his name, singing, and trying to prove that I’m a person. He replied using profanity and insults, saying I was an “indian fake”, he was gonna report me, give me one star, and demanded a refund. I was happy to cancel his order, and definitely don’t want to work with him.
So is this normal for Fiverr? Am I being trolled? It really upset me as he’s calling me a scam, and I feel like I’m being scammed. For all I know, he may be using my recording anyway even though I cancelled the order. Ugh.
What can I do differently to avoid this sort of thing?


you can start by raising your prices… usually 5$ buyers are trouble


About cancelling and stuff, i personally believe you did the right thing, no sense working with someone with this attitude, you experience these buyers every now and then, gradually you will learn to deal with it.
Besides all, you should definitely report this buyer, he indeed has acted against the TOS.


Thank you. I should know by now that the answer to “Am I being trolled?” is usually “Yes” :rofl:

I’m new with Fiverr and was just excited to get the opportunity. I’l proceed with caution in the future.


That person definitely scammed you.
It looks quite common on fiverr especially among new sellers.
They target new sellers like you on purpose because they know that you are more likely to accept cancellation than a bad review that will ruin your account.

For me I never fall for that, I don’t care about bad rating as I have enough reviews to cover for that and will just write a response under their review that they tried to get work for free without paying and it will scare away other scammers.

I never accept this stupid reason when it’s obviously not true, I simply explain that blackmailing with a bad review for cancellation is strictly forbidden on fiverr and that their order is not eligible for cancellation because I delivered everything as per my gig description and their requirements but I’m happy to work on the c amount of revisions that included in my gig if they need any.
And of course I contact fiverr CS right away because they don’t tolerate blackmail attempts (if you don’t get your earned money they also wouldn’t get their cut)


Thanks so much. I guess this was a hard lesson learned. It’s affected my completion rate, making it 67% when I’ve technically completed 100%. I came out of the gate getting orders, and now I can hear crickets chirping when I check my inbox.

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Welcome to the club!

You get used to it - don’t take it personally.

Don’t be so heavy with your editing - leave breaths etc in your files - so you can easily prove you’re not a bot.

Good luck. You’ll find a little VO club of us here! Feel free to vent.


If a buyer is using profanity and insults you could try asking CS to cancel the order for future orders without it affecting your stats. They should in theory I think as the buyer was likely breaking the TOS by doing that.

I feel so sorry for this happen. By getting one star, you can’t get the buyer request now. Have you been consult with CS to inform them? Please consult with CS immediately so maybe they can support you.

The OP didn’t get one star. The OP cancelled the order from the buyer who insulted and used profanity but it affected the OPs completion rate.

please read properly. thank you

he was gonna report me, give me one star, and demanded a refund

Since the buyer only threatened/said they were going to leave a one star review but didn’t leave a 1 star review (the order was cancelled so they couldn’t leave a normal review - the only way a review can normally be given after a cancellation is if it’s an automated review after a very late order), the OP has’t received a 1 star review, so the ratings requirement to send offers to buyer requests hasn’t been affected (I don’t know whether there’s a completion rate requirement too though).

I know this is unrelated, but I went and checked out your Gig to see if maybe you do sound like a robot. You definitely don’t and I almost died laughing when I heard the “propane and propane accessories” bit in there. It seems you have a great sense of humor, offer a good product, and need to raise your prices to keep the trolls away.

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Thank you for correcting me I really appreciate your effort. but still it is a pain full story which OP faced. A dispute can arrive any time in any business but your knowledge and awareness of your rights can protect you and have power to turn that dispute in to a positive long term relations. Take it as an experience would be a better choice.