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Am I Correct in This Assumption?

A buyer has just placed an order for $15 and asked me to cancel immediately. Instead, they want to order a different $55 gig from me. I have obviously declined to cancel and asked the buyer to fill in all their order details. When they do, I will send a custom offer to cover the full gig price.

However… Am I correct in assuming that when I send this offer, the buyer will pay a second $2 processing fee if they accept? This is a new to Fiverr buyer who I sense will think I am ripping them off by what they will see as an extra $2 fee which they didn’t expect. In this case, I would lower my custom offer price by $2.

Obviously, I don’t want to lose $2. In this case, am I correct or will sending a custom offer just count as part of the original order?

Yes, all orders and additional transactions have the fees. Cancelling an order loses them the fee.
Would you not do a custom extra to save yourself a cancellation? There would still be a few on it of course.

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That’s what I’m doing but I will have to shave $2 off the price to save the buyer the extra fee.

I don’t have to but I’ve quoted them $40 and if they end up paying $42, my spidey sense says they won’t be very happy.,.

Edit: It also doesn’t help that I can’t explain the fee situation in the message inbox due to being flagged for all payment related terms used by me or the buyer. - What a mess…


Spidey senses are invaluable and should be listened to. I’ve done the same on occasion

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Indeed but really I’m now paying my customers transaction fee. Another day, another minus $2.