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Am i doing anything wrong on my gigs?

Hello Everyone,

Am new here. Just 13days old, i have about 1.2k impression in one of my gigs and some others have like 500 impressions , i advertise a lot but no sales yet. Am i doing anything wrong on my gigs? Help me check them out. Thanks****

I don’t have any experience in your categories, so I don’t know that I can offer any useful critique on your services, but as far as general advice goes, I can show you what worked for me based on my own experience: Good luck :slight_smile:

@ Jamesbulls. Thanks, its great tips

I think you have a few problems with your gigs…your blog gig has no real samples. Show screenshots of real blogs you have designed. One of your samples just has a bunch of social media buttons, it does not make sense.

Your ad click and facebook gigs are misleading…you are just selling reports you are not actually helping do anything for them. Your title should say " I will show you how-to xxxxxxx" so people know you are not going to do things, you are just going to send a report to tell them how they can do it on their own.

And your vector gig, I do not understand it…why are the samples of vector images so dirty?

One issue with your “vector” gig is that you show the delivery as a .jpg file. I am not a graphic designer but I do work a little with some vector art so I can easily re-size images for my gigs. My vector art is always in .svg or .ai source files. I can output to .png for a good quality image but I would still need to design the source files in a vector format. I don’t think .jpg is a vector format. Your samples don’t look like layered vector art either.

Since I am not a professional graphic designer you would have to confirm this with someone else, but some things on that gig just don’t look right to me with my limited knowledge.

I really appreciate this thanks so much, i will work on them.

Don’t worry. Try simplifying your tags or making them more relatable to what you offer. Try to sound as honest as possible and type with minimal errors. Something simple. When people thy to inbox to you or talk to you, try ending the conversation in a friendly way.
Just to name a few.
Have a nice day~

Ok, thanks for your advice, but knowing which of the gigs people need is the problem

Reply to @cydoniacinnabun: thanks so much