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Am I doing everything right?

Hi guys,

I’ve recently started out on Fiverr and I haven’t been getting any orders. I’ve read lots of posts that say it could take months to get your first order, however was wondering if anyone would be willing to have a look at my Gigs, just to check whether they look OK or not/if there are improvements that I could make?

Also, as I don’t have a blog or website, would anyone be willing to promote my Gigs on their website or blog? I’d be extremely grateful and would give a free Gig or two in return!

Thank you!

The one thing that has been consistent between everyone giving advice is that videos seem to work extremely well.

I’ll have to do some more work on my offers aswell.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hi There

Have you checked what keywords are looked for in Fiverr in your category. Making the content on your gig keyword rich can really help its views.

Also update your video every so often too

Hope that helps

Tarnia x

Reply to @tarnia: I have just added some more keywords after researching them, thank you! :slight_smile:

I have not promoted my stuff outside of Fiverr, I haven’t done any tricky keywords.

I worked alot on my offer. how it’s worded and my video presentation.

My main gig is paused because I receive too many orders with it open.

Here is my whiteboard gig:

I just looked for something that was already selling on Fiverr.

I did my version of it and did it really well.

I offered a irresistible deal until I reached 100 orders. Like 80% Off. (Well my deals are still pretty good.)

Good Luck!