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Am I doing okay for a newbie?

Hello veterans and fellow newbies!

I joined Fiverr in August, started getting gigs in September, and have currently completed 42 orders with an average of 4.9 stars overall. I’m excitedly anticipating getting the Level One badge during the next Fiverr assessment on 15th Jan. (Unless I goof up somehow.)

I just wanted to know how you guys think I’m doing so far? Is this the usual experience for new sellers on Fiverr? Am I doing a tiny bit better than average? Worse than average?

(I do translations, voiceovers, and transcriptions.)

I’ve seen some forum posts where sellers have gotten 240 reviews in 3 months, so I guess mine is pretty paltry, but I’m super, SUPER proud of them. =D

Would you share your own fiverr growth stories with me? How were you doing in the first 3 months here?

Thank you for reading! Have an excellent new year ahead!



Pat yourself on the back for a job well done and don’t worry about how many reviews others get. If you feel like you are doing a good job, that is all that matters.


Thank you for the encouragement. =D
I realise everyone’s journey can be different, but I guess I wanted to know if there are any performance norms on a platform like this. =)
But thanks nevertheless!

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You are doing well, don’t worry about it. I am in the same boat as you, regarding the number of reviews, simply because some niches are supposed to be that way. There are some cases where they can have 10+ orders in a day (if they make banners for example), but this is not the case for everyone.

Don’t worry about that. The important thing is how much money you make. If you want to increase that, high prices and lowered number of orders is the way to go. As a writer, I have 90 reviews after 1 year. And they will come even slower as I now focus on writing books. My focus is to maintain 5 stars as much as possible, the number of reviews are irrelevant to my productivity. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I agree with the guys. I think you’re doing great. Plenty of sellers don’t reach your figures even after 5 years of Fiverring! :slight_smile:

Keep building on your solid start.


Hi! Thank you for telling me about your experience. :slightly_smiling_face: I’m charging reasonably for now, but if everything goes well for a few more months, I’ll take your advice and raise them a bit on my voiceover gig. That’s the one I had to under charge initially just to get a start. It’s my most popular gig now, so I’m hopeful that raising the price won’t cause me to lose all my clients. :sweat_smile:
As an aside, I’m amazed that you can focus just on writing books here. I didn’t realise there was enough demand in that niche, but I see what you mean re: lowering number of orders and charging more. Wishing you best of luck and a lot of success!


Aww, thank you @ahmwritingco! :hugs:


Thank you. Best of luck for you too.

I’ve been providing low-cost services in the beginning as well. That’s what we gotta do to get bigger.

Yes, there is a demand for books in here, but there are pros and cons. While 1 book can keep you busy for 1 month, you need to split the order in more parts for your protection and to not be affected by numbers. (Cancellation is especially one that can take you down.)


You are doing well. Just continue it.I think all are ok.

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Good, Please help me i ma new seller also.

You can use the search function to view posts on an array of different topics. You can also create your own thread asking for advice. Unfortunately, asking for help or advice on another person’s thread usually means your post will be hidden.

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Very helpfull topic Great Thanks

helle sir i am new join in fiver

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