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Am I Doing Something Wrong in My Messages?

Like most new sellers on Fiverr, I have been responding to buyer requests. For a few of them, I have been considered for the position/future projects. However, there seems to be a pattern where I answer their questions, and then they don’t respond. Am I saying something wrong, so they decided to move on to a better person? Or am I just overthinking and need to be patient?
I attached the screenshots here.

Thank you for your time!


They do not respond because they see that you are real seller who will not be exploited nd have fluent perfect English.

In most cases they are targeting someone to do the work and then cancel order claiming they did not know English or bla bla.

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BR are like the armpit of the world. Sadly many “buyers” aren’t really that at all. I would guess that at least 50% of BR are resellers (people who buy jobs and then sell them off to the lowest - must gullible- bidder).

Of the rest, most are incredibly clueless and assume that they will get a Ferrari, or Lambo or Ferrari, maybe a Porsche, no a Ferrari in Red, perhaps yellow, no red, definitely blue, how about a pink Maserati… for $15. They really have no idea how to have a useful conversation.

A big problem is also that just about all BR get a massive number of responses, many very formulaic, which makes it much harder for the buyer to wade through to find a good fit. Especially if they are not experienced in business or any similar discipline - making themselves fodder for resellers and similar garbage merchants. I land BR better from ex-lawyers who understand the process than randoms.

Bottom line, most people will ghost you. There is no “perfect” solution to get interest, just be you and hope for a good match. Show what makes you unique (hopefully not infinite revisions or 999% satisfaction) and wait for a good match.

Oh and better to quote sane prices not stoop to the stupid as this separates the wheat from the chaff.