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HI, I am new here, I have started following any step, one by one, for making my gigs right way, but there are not any requests/ offers yet, am I doing something wrong in my promotion procedure or am I rushing a little bit… Can someone honestly tell me what is your opinion, where I am doing mistake?

You have a great, very unique and original gig so you should be getting orders soon! Promote your work and your fiverr link as much as you can outside of fiverr–on social media, emailing people, etc. Also, try to clean up the spelling, grammar, and sentence structure in your gig descriptions. I looked at your first gig and can help you with cleaning up the English. Here’s your description with some changes made by me. Feel free to copy and paste this into your gig description if you want (and I hope you don’t mind my suggestions!):

You can send me your photo, current or as a child, and I will make a unique art piece with it, with the "cosmic web."

This artwork is part of the initial research for my “cosmic web” art project. This series consists of 6 miniature paintings depicting members of my family. All are presented in their earliest period of life, their most vulnerable and spiritually clean period. A very important moment is the equalization of the now-oldest members with the youngest. We all are the same! Little children trapped in the bodies of a grown man, the same fearful heart beats in both situations–the same tears fall, the same emotions are felt. Grownups are the ones who act and struggle a lot, hiding all the pressure and fear inside them, HIDING THE CHILDREN IN THEMSELVES, so the NEW CHILDREN feel comfortable, protected and happy.

The inside of the body is filled with my so called “cosmic web,” which presents a dance of the subatomic-energetic particles, called quarks. I’m presenting them like a four leaf clover, as it is believed that if you find a four leaf clover, you’ll get lucky. I remember as a child…when I found one, I kept it in a book for luck. :slight_smile:

Reply to @writerlisaz: Thank you so mush, I appreciate all your suggestions, and I admit that my English is not so perfect, I should work on that too. Thank you so mush for the corrections, I will copy it from here ^^ All the best for you, I am sure we will keep in touch, and feel free to write to me for anything you need^^

Reply to @victoryapop: You’re welcome! Your English is very good, but a few changes make it even more like a “native speaker.” Your art and the thinking behind is amazing!

give yourself more time. Definitely you will get a sell. If you can’t then you have to improve your gig description. I think you should remove the “human body” gig asap, it is against Fiverr TOS.

Reply to @kywong85: Thank you so much about your suggestions, I will fix it. All the best ^^

I suggest more sample logos in your hand-drawn logo gig. It sounds wonderful, and the first photo is intriguing, but just one photo wouldn’t be enough for me to actually give you money. I’d need to see a few more so I know what I’m getting into.

I also suggest for your illustration and portrait gigs, to add a few pictures of things besides children, so people know you can draw other things.

Hi !

you will get buyers soon because your gigs are just perfect

A quick Google search netted me Higher (; they appear to be the originators of the logo displayed on your logo gig. I would definitely make sure you use actual examples of logos you have designed rather than stock or web images.

Reply to @kauldwin: Ok, ok, Kauldwin, haha, what a detective you are…now you can go and check again, it is all mine now…I admit that I took that photo, but it was not a logo nor something representative or signed, I was in a little bit of rush so I put the first image I saw there (it was first if you noticed that too). I can even give you a proof that it is all mine. Thank you anyway, I appreciate your concern.

Reply to @nikandlv: Thank you so much ^^ It means a lot to me. ^^

Reply to @rachelbostwick: Yes, I will fix that too, this period I am working on my graduation exhibition (I am an artist), so I first thought to put only new things that will have my artistic mark on it…, but I see, making art and making money is not the same, yes, I will upload more things. Thank you