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Am i doing something wrong?

Hi there,

As many other people i try to get my gig going on fiverr, i have read all the topics about “how to start” etc…

My gig is not an overflooded market and i used relevant keywords where i could.

I tried implementing all the tips i got from other fiverr users and sellers, aswell did i promote my gig on several social media.

Now when i go to my statistics i see i have 106 impressions but only 3 clicks, at this point i start feeling something must be wrong with my gig, so if anyone can have a look at it and tell me what i did wrong or what i can improve please let me know.

I am a person who works hard in delivering high quality services to my customers but since i get no orders its quite hard to prove that statement.

You’re a brand new seller. You need to be patient, it can take weeks or months to start making sales and even then there will be ups and downs. Keep doing what you’re doing. Good luck!

Hey don’t be afraid, keep patient, it will take time to reach your targeted buyer, keep trying to share on social media and also keep watching on buyer request, best of luck

thanks both of you for the nice responds, yes i guess being patient should do the trick :slight_smile:

I want to become a great seller with high ratings and the best service and im waitint untill i can show people :slight_smile:

Hi @marketingbear - I’ll echo what @itsyourthing and @apexservice said about patience, you’ll need that in the wait to your first order! Once you get a couple of reviews in from satisfied buyers, it becomes easier for people to choose your services.

It’s good you’re using a video but also try to create a more descriptive photo instead of just that mailbox - maybe you can write what people can expect if they purchase your gig to entice people to click. Also keep an eye on the Buyer Requests like @apexservice said - a great source of finding new customers!


I took like 15 days before getting my first order,

it has give me the real start, orders did never stop to grow.

I think you need to be patient first, it will come by itself, of course keep promoting your work will help!

Good luck!