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Am I doing something wrong?

Hey everyone,

I’ve been here for a while and I have just not been getting any buyers on any of my gigs. I submit buyers request offers all the time, but I just don’t know what to do to get more work!

Unfortunately, sellers are not guaranteed sales on Fiverr merely because they have gigs listed here. In addition, competition is fierce, especially for writers and editors. Are you doing anything to promote your gigs elsewhere – other than here on Fiverr?

I think your average response time of 1 day is coming on to play here to drive buyers away.
First, with no any feedbacks, the buyer doesn’t know if you’re good or bad and they usually have to wait for one day for you to respond them, so they might not contact you even if they see your gig.

So my advice would be to regularly visit the site and stay online and immediately respond to any messages you get. If you have an average response time of 1 or 2 hours then you’re more likely to get contacted. Maybe you can try fiverr app.

I hustle the buyer requests as well. You have a better chance if you get in early – if you’ve ever been a buyer in this situation, you know that the responses start to blur together after you’ve collected enough of them.

I think your real problem might be that your prices are too high for a newbie. An established writer/editor with great reviews could probably command that price, but as a newbie, you’re trying to get people to take a chance on you. I do 5000 words for five bucks, and I’m not even a real newbie any more.

The response time thing might also be a factor. As well as lowering prices, maybe check Fiverr more often to respond to messages and get your offers to requesters early.

Just my thoughts.

Everything everyone has said is spot on so far, but here’s my ideas to help you out:

  • Hop on buyer requests early in the morning and maybe check back again once in the evening just to see if anything new came in,
  • Get your response time down. Having to wait one day to hear back from you is a killer. Get the app and start responding quicker to get your time down to 1-2 hours.
  • Advertise yourself off of the site. You say you’re a student in college? You can easily use that college as free promotion. Put up a couple of flyers around school, see if you can get your info into the school newsletter. At one point, Fiverr was offering free business cards (just had to pay for shipping). Leave those around campus. You have money walking around you. Learn how to get it.
  • See what your competition is charging. If they offer more words for the same price, you might have to bring your word count up until you start climbing levels. With that being said, don’t offer up too much because you still have to value your time.
  • Also, social media is another great way to promo yourself off the site.

Doing these things should help you out. Promoting yourself off the site is really the main thing a lot of new sellers miss. We did that starting out and it helped out tremendously. Also, if you’re going to rely on this to make extra money then you’re going to have to start thinking like an entrepreneur.