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Am I doing well on Fiverr?

Hi guys,

I’m a 5 days old Fiverr seller and I don’t find it easy to have sales compared to some sellers… (or I’m too impatient?) I only made ONE sale (and I approach this buyer as he’s helping out new sellers…). So, basically I have NO buyers approaching my gigs. What did I do wrong? Please check out my gig and give me some feedbacks so I can improve my sales. =((




I checked your gig i found your services are Expansive and also you are charging $20 for 1 day delivery. if you made your gig to express means all order done in 24 hour you will orders as my experience on fiverr.

Other-then Your gig is good and everything well.

To be honest, as a newbie to fiverr you have to offer a lot more.

Your prices do not really attract :slight_smile:

I really feel that lower prices and shorter delivery times will fuel your account. You can readjust it after you get off the ground. It took me about 100 deliveries on 1 gig to really get some traction. Discounting will cost you alittle now, but it will pay off later.

I would offer for $5.00 what your competitors are offer for $25.00. Sound crazy but it worked for me and I was able to transition back up to regular price when it was time. I also showed alot of people what my quality and service was.

Really try to provide services that are typically order over and over again by the same customer. This will help you work towards having regular repeat customers. 18 months from now you could have a steady flow of orders from the same 50 customers?

Reply to @mallika255: Hey thanks for your feedback! I’ll take note of my charges (as I take reference from different sellers). Might need to adjust it slightly cheaper in early stages i guess.

Reply to @thecreativeguys: Hey thanks for your feedback! Hmmm, do you have any suggestions on what kind of gigs will attract people to buy? :slight_smile:

Reply to @kjblynx: Hey thanks for your feedback and compliment! :slight_smile: Does a video intro really help? As I saw some sellers only put slideshow as a ‘video’ and for me, I won’t click in when I saw a video. Normally I will look at the quality of their cover image haha. But just my opinion. ^^

Reply to @landongrace: Hey thanks for your feedback! I guess I really need to be fast and lower cost at the early stages. I’ll review my charges and thanks again for your advise! :slight_smile:

Reply to @elieang: I started off spending twice the time on each gig when I started. at an 80% discount. But after 100 deliveries you can change your offer. What amounted to huge 80% discounts at first only amounts to an overall 10% reduction in the gross income after 1300 deliveries. This launched my account and I really can’t see a better or faster way.

Find gigs that are natural $30.00 sales with gig extras.

Find gigs that have natural repeat customers.

Reply to @elieang: you can count on me ordering from you soon! Your anime gig is amazing! It does say however “I do not own copyrights of the reference photos used, just for sample” does that mean you didn’t draw these photos? Please let me know, because I am interested.

Reply to @elieang: Do your research. What are you good at and see who else offers that service.

Reply to @elieang:

Yes thats most important. and faster deliver lead more work.

Reply to @kjblynx: I see. And HEY! Hi fellow V.I.P. (: Nice to know someone who support BB too. ^^

Reply to @customrapsongs: hello! Sorry for the late reply. Reference photos are the realistic photos used. Drawings are 100% sketch by me. (: So rest assured! Hopefully to see your order soon! ^^ Maybe I should rephrase my sentence. >_<

Reply to @landongrace: hey thanks for the useful advise! I’ll do more research! and hopefully gain more sales by then! (:

Hello, Please Offer Cheap Price and Short Delivery Duration Time and also Promote your gigs is multiple social media sources and You need to check “Buyer Request” also.

And Wait for Result. :slight_smile:

Hope you will be receive more orders soon :slight_smile:

Reply to @webexpert1313: hello! Thanks for the advise! (: I did all of the above but sales are not pouring in >_< perhaps I'll need to be more patient and wait a lil more…

yes then you need to wait also

Landongrace is correct.

I’ve been on Fiverr for over a year as a buyer, but just over 2 months as a seller. I saw someone doing a popular choice gig and said, “Hey, I do that all the time!”

So I made a gig, used the same key words and offered the sun, moon and stars at the start–my goal being: Show Them My Skill and Get reviews That Are More Than ‘Great Experience!’

I wanted people to be saying “THIS GUYS THE BEST ON FIVERR.” So I worked hard to produce results and establish customer service that warranted that response.

…and I got it.

Not making a living (yet), but my gigs went up from $5 average to $29 average and now I get regular $100 jobs every couple of days and repeat customers too.

You’ll get it, elieang. Don’t stop!

Jaime Buckley

Reply to @wantedhero: Hey! Thanks alot for the encouragement! I really wish I can be that successful as you! Currently, after 3 months since I started Fiverr, my sales isn’t doing well yet. :\ But I guess I’m busy with my work life and letting Fiverr as my secondary income. (: