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Am I getting not enough impressions?


Hi! I have opened my gig and it’s been live for about 5 days. Just wondering, am I getting enough views, clicks, and impressions?

Thanks in advance!!


How many Clicks, views and impressions do you get?


You Should Share Your Gig on Social Media and other Web forums to get views and buyers.
i am new also but getting great impression.
thank you
md shamim hossain riyad


How many impressions do you get on average? mine is 38(Average)


i am got 20 impression on my last gig which one i opened last night


also got 12 click on that


oh okay :v::smiley: keep it on


i am so dumb… sorry, I added the screenshot now


That’s cool! I never get impression, click and views like that!!


thats great. its your 5 days impressions right?


yes, but still no orders! :sweat_smile:


It’s tough to get first order!


Do you send offer to buyer request?


Always, I check every 3 hours or so, sometimes only like 3 or 4 requests come up, but usually no requests.


Oh! This also happens to me. You have to wait and be sending buyer request offers. Getting first order is not easy


Try to be more active, and share your gigs on social media :grinning:


I tend to see that promoting does not work at all, I would promote all the time on social media, it would get a ton of views, but no orders.


Yes but you have to find those who really can buy these, want to buy these.


Yo just had my first order a couple weeks ago through fiverr. It seems as though people become interested through attractive videos and pics. Possibly even a straight to the point bio that shows your credibility over time without the app involved.


That’s such a nice message of encouragement!