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Am I Getting Played?


So I ordered a Twitch TV art package recently (logo, panels, banner, offline screen etc) which originally had a delivery date of Nov 1st. The seller requested a 3-day extension, which I granted.

The 3-day extension ran out, and I finally received a sketch of the logo for approval before work starts. I requested a revision and waited.

That was two days ago. No response. Am I being unrealistic to expect something more than a sketch of a logo a week after the package was scheduled to be delivered? Am I to assume he’s juggling new gigs/deadlines and keeping people in eternal revision limbo to avoid Fiverr backlash?

If I cancel, am I able to leave a review on his work? Even though I haven’t technically bought anything, I’m beginning to feel like my time has been wasted. What’re my options?

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If you tried to contact the seller to know the reasons of the delay, but got no response, you can open a dispute to cancel the order and you will have the option to make a review for other buyers be aware of your bad experience with the seller. Fiverr penalizes the late deliveries, which can make a seller loose his/her level and be downgraded. In order to avoid such a bad experience in the future, you can check the seller’s profile, where you can view the seniority, level, ratings, reviews… and contact them before ordering to be sure they can handle the work on the desired deadline, and make sure the seller looks professional and communicate with you properly in a professional, business manner.

We are just regular users like you in this forum, but you can contact Customer Support if you need help with this matter.

I appreciate the response and information!

I politely asked for an estimated completion date after they came online with no response. That was 5 hours ago.

They have glowing reviews - tons of them - which is why I’m so puzzled about my experience. My only guess was that people like me haven’t been able to leave feedback.

Mmm strange, usually high valued sellers are there because their commitment… perhaps something happened to him/her and can’t go online (I hope not). Anyway, yes, you can leave feedback about your experience.

You say you requested a revision… without trying to cause trouble for anyone, this sounds like your seller could be misusing their Deliver button, which is a Fiverr Terms of Service violation. They should ONLY deliver the work when it’s finished. If they ‘delivered’ you a sketch instead of the finished work, you do technically have grounds to complain to Fiverr support, as you haven’t received what you paid for.

The correct thing for the seller to do would be to request an extension (which you can of course decline). By ‘delivering’ a sketch, they’ve essentially avoided being ‘late’, and as you correctly stated, you could now find yourself in amendment limbo with no time limit. You also will only be able to leave feedback when they deliver the finished work. If you cancel now, you won’t be able to.

Like you say, there could be genuine reasons for them struggling to complete their work on time. But if they’re not communicating with you, it could be time to ask Customer Support to intervene (and I’m saying this as a seller!).

It was indeed a delivery of just the sketch. :confused: So the seller can take as much time as he wants now without recourse theoretically?

I’m new to Fiverr, but this seems like a glaring loophole in the system.

I suppose I shouldn’t jump to conclusions… Hopefully I can get a response from the seller within the next day or so, otherwise I don’t see what choice I have but to complain.

Correct. You’re now in the amendment limbo you spoke of. The countdown clock will continue to tick, but technically your seller can now take their time with your delivery.

I guess it’s kind of a loophole, but Fiverr CS would issue them with a TOS Violation warning if they knew about it. Too many of these and the consequences for the seller could be dire. But with good reason, as your seller is effectively cheating the system. There may not be any malice in what they’re doing, but the rule around Delivery is there to protect buyers like yourself. The Delivery button is ONLY to be used to deliver the final product. Your seller knows this, especially if they’re experienced.

As a seller, hearing about this frustrates me, as we work hard to ensure that we’re successful whilst still obeying the rules of the system. It gives buyers like yourself a bad experience, Fiverr as a platform a bad name, which in turn negatively impacts our business.

Honestly? I think you’ve got the patience of a saint if you’re willing to wait another day before getting Customer Support involved.

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Thank you for your input, much appreciated. :+1:

Hi! When you cancel an order you will not be able to leave public feedback. But it does sound like your seller is being somewhat inconsistent.

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Ah, interesting!

Sounds like not responding to an order is an easy, great way to maintain 100% positive reviews, since it forces the buyer to cancel and leaves them unable to leave feedback.

It’s a risky way of running a business as it only works if the buyer always cancels (which also means the seller doesn’t get paid for any work they’ve already done). If you don’t cancel, you could leave a less than glowing review for an order that took far longer due to the files only being partially delivered on time.

We’re all human. Things come up. Everyone runs into challenges from time to time that can prevent us from being able to deliver on time. But that’s what the messaging system and the extension request function are there for.

Yeah sounds like it. Hopefully I haven’t been stonewalled because the order was already late and the seller didn’t want to risk less than 5 stars.

Can’t say I’m a fan of this system, but you live and you learn.

I wish I could say I’m willing to give Fiverr another try, but honestly my experience has been miserable. I couldn’t in good conscience even recommend it.