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Am I getting scam?


I am recently testing some gig to improve my result but it seem like it doesn’t make any money and the review are 5 stars.

this one got legit review but i am didn’t make any money. Can you guy tell weather this guy scamming me or not? I told him that i want an E-bussiness topic site but what i get is bunch of crap. i am afraid that this is not really a true service.


Hello, you used his service three times and left great reviews. What is it that you got?


3 times? that is the different gig that i used 3 times. but this gig is really a suspicion for me and I think that Autopilot gig are too good to be true. i paid $210 for that gig and I did not generate any income for the site they created for me.yes, i did leave a great review before i realized that it did get me nowhere.


You’ll know for the next time then. :wink:

If it sounds too good to be true, generally it is.

You left a review for the work the seller did, not for the future earnings (or not) of the website they built for you.


Yup, I Should have done more research before I buy service here in Fiverr.


I see you got a website of some kind? That seller must have his gigs paused. Having a website does not always mean people will buy what’s on it.