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Am I Getting Scammed? (Please help)

I’m new here, so hopefully I’m in the right category.
Anyways, I recently payed someone on fiverr to advertise my websites. They just delivered it to me today with bit ly links showing how many clicks each link got. The average total amount of clicks was 2000 for each link. Well, the thing is, when I go to my website (it’s on teespring) and check the views analytics, the view count is WAYYYY less than 2000 (the most I got in a day was 25). So, I just wanted to know if I should request modification with my delivery and/or file a dispute. Or am I not being scammed and should accept the delivery.


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Have you asked the seller?
When it comes to buying traffic this is a good informational guide.


Sort of yes. sort of no because you should know what you are actually purchasing, which is basically worthless to you in terms of getting real people to visit who are interested in your site. And also worthless to you in terms of getting your site to be listed in google where anyone will see it.

If you had 2,000 views a day from that purchase, what benefit to you would that have been? Are you hoping google will give your site a better position?

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Well it said that I’d be able to get people to see my site (which is wht I wanted). So I thought that that’s what would happen.


Think on it this way:

What would I have to do to get you to visit my site? I make music, everyone loves music (apparently - well until they have to pay for it anyway) so why aren’t you visiting my site?

(Fiverr won’t allow links but this is hypothetical anyway)

I could come to you with a (metaphorical) gun and make you visit my site. Would that visit be of any value to me? No because you didn’t really visit my site. Yes you were there, but not because you wanted to be there. You weren’t engaged with my music, merely doing what you were told.

We all want people on our sites, doing the things we want them to but these people are human beings who are surprisingly like you in many ways. So seeing you didn’t want to visit my site, the only way to get you on my site in a way in which you are going to be engaged with my music (and buy some) is to build a genuine desire in you to do exactly that.

This is true Marketing. Forget this buying traffic scam idea as it can never work. Sit down with someone who has a disciplined analytical mind and work out who your Real Ideal customers will be. Those people who will be delighted to find your thing and buy it.

Make sure your Product & Promotional material reflects that and is targeted at them. No point in trying to sell Heavy Metal music to Rappers or Rap music to Metalheads. They might both be music but they are different wants. Find your people where they live, where they hang out, and let them know you & your thing exists. If they come over, your offer is good, if not, it needs altering. You’re fishing here.

If you are struggling to do this yourself, and it can be tricky to do, then hire in a specialist (and not a $5 one)


So 2000 random people visit your site? For what reason? Don’t they have to have an actual interest in it?

It won’t matter if you get 2000 or 200,000,000. If they are random people paid to go there it won’t help you in any way.

Alright, I see
Thanks, guys.