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Am I Getting Scammed?



I am new on Fiverr and I was looking for gigs related to web traffic generation. Recently I purchased 2 gigs costing 90$ from a highly trusted seller with a level 2 badge, 99%+ positive ratings and 500+ positive reviews on the gig. She was a seller here for more than 3 years! Its been about 7 days since I purchased this gig which said provide you guaranteed sales, leads and subscriptions from my super targeted traffic. The seller name was “fragglesrock” and she was from Srilanka.

It was a 6 month advertising package that I bought and she promised a full refund if I was not fully satisfied. About 2-3 days ago everything was going fine but now I am unable to contact her. Also the traffic has also stopped! When I try to contact her I get an error message - This user might not be contacted directly for privacy reasons. When I try to see her profile I am getting the error message - The user you are looking for is no longer available. I am also not able to get a refund from the order page because I am unable to ask for mutual cancelation. I have contacted support but I am getting no reply as well. I am really worried about what is happening so anyone can please help me out?


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Reply to @stutijain367: you’re welcome :slight_smile:


Reply to @catwriter: And Fiverr’s ToS breach PayPal’s. Even the mighty Apple has been forced to give refunds on digital content within the EU. It’d be interesting if PayPal banned Fiverr from using its services, huh?!


Reply to @rich_me: Wow! I didn’t knew about that! Well then its a major point to discuss I guess…


Reply to @perfectgigger: Thanks alot for your kind offer but I saw your gigs and it is mentioned there that you have a news website but my niche is completely different so I guess your services won’t be much beneficial for me. I will recommend you to other people I find looking for the same service. By the way thanks again for your support as well as your kind offer :slight_smile: I highly appreciate it :slight_smile:


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Reply to @rebecczeus: Thanks for your advice. I really appreciate it! By the way I didn’t knew anybody other than me who got affected by the seller’s gig! Thanks for telling about fragglesrock also! Maybe he can read this discussion and get some help getting refunds for his order too!


Reply to @liquorlist: Catwriter is absolutely correct :slight_smile: Please don’t give wrong advice. By the way I already got a refund and also found a new seller for my needs! The seller is offering almost identical services to the previous one. I have placed a trial order and now I am waiting to see the results!


Reply to @catwriter: Absolutely correct! I read Fiverr T. O. S and it is mentioned there! Thanks again!


Reply to @radjaseotea: okay thanks a lot for the advice! I highly appreciate it :slight_smile:


Reply to @stutijain367: what an awful turn of events and I’m glad you got it resolved in a way that suits you.

On behalf of all sellers here on Fiverr I can guarantee that this was a one off occasion and I’m willing to offer you any one of my gigs you choose for free (yes free) to show you how the majority of us sellers are exceedingly brilliant.

Just send me a message.

I think in your case, my most popular viral website gig will be great for what you need. It’s no bots, no tricks, nothing. I have a viral website (I can send you the link) and it gets over 5000+ visitors per day and so in terms of traffic, promotions and marketing it can’t be beaten anywhere on fiverr.

Speak soon :slight_smile:


Reply to @liquorlist: And he’ll get banned from Fiverr. PayPal chargebacks are against Fiverr’s ToS.


This is a bit sad, for both fragglesrock and you stutijain367. But you did get some traffic out of it, so that’s fine, you just were unable to get the entire package. If you are dissatisfied in the service, or more specifically the incomplete service, you can contact fiverr support as if the funds exist on the account, they have not yet been withdrawn as their is a 14 day wait after the order has been marked as complete. So, need not worry, if this is within the range of 14 days I am sure you should be able to retain your funds. I’m sorry if I didn’t read through all the messages in the thread and if this was said before. :). Just wanna start participating in the forum.


Contact PayPal. You’ll get your money back.


Reply to @stutijain367: You’re welcome, I’m glad I could help!


Reply to @catwriter: Thanks a lot for your help. I also got support reply and they said that the seller is no longer available on Fiverr and if I want to cancel the order then they will cancel it.

I find myself lucky that I got to know what was seller up to within the security period timings otherwise I almost had lost my 90 bucks. Still don’t know if I will be able to withdraw them or not but I will ask the support if they let me to withdraw it as I don’t wanna use Fiverr anymore because if a seller with a so high trust level can do this then I can’t even imagine wgat might happen with me if I try others too.

By the way thanks again for this great help :slight_smile:


Reply to @stutijain367:

stutijain367 said: Is there anyway to withdraw these funds back to my Paypal account because I don't want to use Fiverr anymore because of this experience???

According to the Fiverr's Terms of Service (to which you agreed by using Fiverr), no. I've heard of cases when the Customer Support made an exception and allowed buyers to withdraw back to PayPal, but I don't know whether the stories are true.

stutijain367 said: Also if the security period of 14 days ends before Fiverr responds to my refund request then will I be able to claim my refund??

From the ToS: "Order cancellations (when eligible) can be performed by Customer Support only up to a period of 13 days from order completion date. We will not cancel orders after that time."

I'm not sure what happens in your case, though. It's not your fault if the Customer Support doesn't respond within 14 days.


Reply to @catwriter:So this means I have to use those funds on Fiverr only…Is there anyway to withdraw these funds back to my Paypal account because I don’t want to use Fiverr anymore because of this experience???

Also if the security period of 14 days ends before Fiverr responds to my refund request then will I be able to claim my refund??


Reply to @stutijain367: If it says that the user is no longer available, it sounds like her account was removed. There’s no way to contact her directly.

Customer Support takes days to respond, sometimes more. You might wait for more than a week.

As for the refund, you will get it as Fiverr credit, for further purchases. You can’t withdraw it back to your PayPal account. It’s in the Fiverr’s Terms of Service.


Reply to @catwriter: If she broke Fiverr rules then isn’t she be temporarily suspended before permanent suspension…I guess? Also its been more than 24 hours but I haven’t received any response yet! Don’t know when they will respond. Is there a way I can contact directly the seller or get a refund and withdraw it back to my PayPal account in this case?