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Am I Getting Scammed?


Reply to @jshrade: I don’t know why this is happening to me. I wish I never ordered at that seller. From the way she talked she sounded very genuine. She also had a great background on Fiverr but I don’t know what suddenly happened. She also provided me another control panel to track my visitors but at there it is being displayed that the project is complete and the traffic which was to be provided in 6 months had been provided in a single day! Sound very odd to me. I don’t know why she did this but this sounds a complete scam to me. Just hoping to get a refund for the orders and withdrawing them back to my PayPal account. Is this possible?


From your description, it looks like she broke Fiverr rules and her account was removed.

Your only option is Customer Support. You might have to wait for a while, but they will respond, and they’re usually very helpful.


Hey there,

I’m sorry to hear of the poor experience you’ve had with this seller and I can assure you it’s not common for a seller with such a high trust level to flake out like this. I surely can’t speak on behalf of this seller or Fiverr, but I have definitely seen this error message appear before when messaging someone. I’ve always assumed it meant they closed their account or something along those lines.

That being said, I’ve had nothing but a positive experience from Fiverr support with sorting out issues or questions I’ve run into. The holiday season was insanely busy and they might be playing catch-up with their tickets and that’s why they may have not responded (I personally work in Tech Support as well).