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Am I going about this wrong?

I have had the worse experience :frowning: All I am looking for is a new logo and 2 flash banners for my company. the first person cancelled immediately on me, the 2nd took 5 days (when initially it said 1) and when I did get the work it is worse than I could have done myself, and the 3rd literally sent me pics off of GreenSprig with my website texted into the bottom. We are a start up company and have a TON of graphics we need, and I would really like to use Fiverr, but so far NOT GOOD!! Any suggestions??


If you like i can help you,

I can do the job for you, after 100% satisfied you can consider my rates,

what you think!!

My gig link:

1.) there are some quality service providers on here… but there are also some bad ones… you have to do your research first.

2.) understand that you get what you pay for… you can always get a refund, but if you are looking for something premium, this may not be the place for you.

I’d make sure to check out their samples first or ask if they can send you more examples of their work. If you’re still not having luck, you can message me and I can see what I can do about the logo. I know some basics, but mainly do drawing/painting. Definitely not experienced enough for banners.

Good luck on your hunt! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, there are a ton of bad gigs on Fiverr. Rankings and/or reviews aren’t really a good way to know if someone is going to be good. Often, you just have to keep looking.

Well, I’m going to sound like yet another self-promoting person on here, but here goes. I have a Feature Graphic gig here. The graphics I make are all original, all feature creative work, and all delivered on time. Unfortunately, I don’t have many sales yet. I offer a really great service, but people can’t seem to find me. :frowning:

Here’s my suggestion: Let’s try working together. Message me what you need and I’ll send you a custom offer. If you don’t like it, let’s mutually cancel the gig. That sound good?

My feature graphic gig:

Hello, Sorry to hear your issue. May be some sellers not able to do your job, then you need to send mutual cancellation request or, you need to contact customer support for refund your amount.

Now, if you are still looking some sellers about your graphics designing work, lots of trusted seller available. just open profile and see feedback etc, And hire any one as per your wish.

Thanks :slight_smile: