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Am i going right or not?

hi everyone! i created my Fiverr account about one and half month ago and i got 172 impressions on one of my gig in this whole period.Is this alright?Am i going right or i need some improvement?Yet still i did not get any of the order but i am trying my best.Please bless me with your valuable suggestions and take a look at my gig and advise me

@muhammadawai319 basically impression is depends on your Activity, send buyer request every day for order, i hope your Success


thank i have not recieved level 1 seller tag so i recieve hardly minute amount of buyer requests 5 to 6 almost

@aishi168 could you please check my gig for once and recommend me if it need some change or is suitable

@aishi168please could you tell me that how can i open some ones profile in fiverr forum.for example if i want to open your profile how can i

Hi, I don’t really have great knowledge about the stuff you do, But is that you in profile pic? It seems like we’re chatting with a kid!!! On a serious note, you need to change it, use your own photo or logo or a professional looking vector art. Although using your own profile pic is advised.

instead of photo can we upload any other pic?