Am i going well?


Hi Fiverr senior sellers. i have a question from you… i was join Fiverr on 10 March. i got my first order on March 29. now i got my 5 excellent ratting from different clients i earned $64 (already minus fiverr fee) . now at the moment i have 2 orders in pending ($120 upcoming revenue) can you please tell me am i going well or not?



You’re doing great!

Keep up the good work and be patient

Good luck!


Reply to @signtific: Thank you so much for you reply…



Its unbelievable that you offer only $5 for 3d , you told that you already got $64 but you got only 5 review, that’s not good, are you sure that your buyer are satisfied with your work? another way its good…on fiverr


Reply to @apexservice: yes of course my gigs are starting from only $5. and if you are not seen my clients feedback so please have a look… they are most satisfied with my work… :slight_smile:


Reply to @apexservice: and BTW they buy from custom request. so that means my average selling price is $16.