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Am I headed in the right direction?

Hello guys,

Recently I made an account and posted a couple of gigs. I would like to know your opinion on their structure and how to improve them. Alongside my gigs, you can also take an overall look at my account and share your comments and thoughts on it (if I have some newbie mistakes or if my English is low level… feel free to point out stuff like that).

I ask you for some constructive criticism so you can be as harsh as you want!


Additionally, I have a few questions:

  1. Should I use low prices to gather more clients… just to get my account going?
  2. When I check the stats of my gigs there’s a column “Impressions”… what does it mean?
  3. From time to time, the green light on my profile picture turns darker… what’s the reason for that?

Thank you in advance and have a great day,

Hi, Welcome.

  1. No, keep a reasonable price, but don’t lose yourself and describe your task well
  2. Impression is your search results, how often you appear, try marketing your gigs, they will increase
  3. Green light is in beta mode, that often occurs. No worries.

You can follow these tips

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Hey Nico,

took a quick glimpse, and your gigs seem fine :+1:

To lower your pricing may get you a few valuable reviews. There seems to be a sweet-spot, going to low may punish you in other ways. This is something you may want to look into before making a final decision. Take a glimpse at your competitors, see which of them are performing well and be inspired.

Impressions only indicate how many people have “seen” your gig listing. You should keep your eye on those stats but do not be too obsessed - there are so many variables and fiverrs algorithm keeps changing pretty quick and whenever you edit your gig it may take a little to settle as far as ranking goes.

The green light indicates that you are online. As soon as the light turns grey, it means that you are being seen as inactive/offline. Generally, being online can contribute to receiving more impressions, inquiries from customers and overall engagement with your gigs.

Welcome to fiverr, have some patience - nothing works overnight.

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