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Am I in BIG trouble?

Hello everyone!
Long story short I had a client who approached me for development of 2 games for which I, as usual, sent the budget and time duration etc. We started working on his first project and decided to divide the project into 3 Milestones/Stages with a different order for each stage.
First milestone was set to be of creating the artwork and initial functionality.

We completed the first milestone/stage order before time and sent all the work in the order section. First milestone completed.

The client communicated nicely so we continued to work on his game and almost created it completely with him not placing an order for the second stage at all. Then the worst happened.

Last month, one of my team member passed away due to which most of the things came to a halt. The client got upset and asked for refund of the order which was marked as completed quite a while ago (more than 20 days). I, already stressed from the situation asked him kindly to take the already created games, 2 more pre-made games and leave us alone. He asked to write the details in a word document, sign it and sent it to him, with agreeing to return his money if we don’t deliver the games within a few days.

Got a day late for which he started getting more and more upset. He asked me to refund him for the order he placed more than a month ago. So, I asked the customer support a couple of days ago to refund for the order he placed although we did more than what he paid for. He also behaved unethically during his chat which, yes I reported.

I know there are a lot of mistakes from my side here in this order but this all happened in a way I never imagined it would happen. I have a good 5 star record on fiverr and its the first time its happening so I’d like to know what’s the consequences? Am I gonna get a 1 star auto review? Am I gonna get a warning? Please let me know what you guys think.



So if you did the first milestone and delivered it and it completed a long time ago, was it the first milestone that you were asking support to refund? If so, why? I thought the point of milestones was that the buyer doesn’t have to continue to the next one, but you completed the first. If he has the first milestone’s work done and wants to continue with another seller he could send the work you delivered in the first milestone to the new seller instead of getting a refund on the first milestone that is already complete.

Also if you told him in writing (document) that you would refund (the 2nd milestone?) if it wasn’t done by a particular day you should refund that I think.

Not unless the order says something like “Very late” and the buyer clicks to cancel I think.


I agreed in the doc to refund for both :confused: Harsh times, bad decisions :confused:
I have asked the support already to refund both as the buyer is really kind of harassing me daily for this now. He just never listen to me that he has more than what he paid for and just want me to refund. So, I am just worried if I will get a warning or anything other than order cancellation.

Just to mention again that I did a lot (really a lot) of work for him and have sent it to him on time. The orders were marked as completed automatically.
I don’t have any issues with cancellation or anything. It is my mistake as well and I am sorry about that. Just want to ask if cancellation of 2 orders form a long time ago would give me any warnings from fiverr in this case?

Edit: Thank you so much for you answers! :slight_smile:

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It shouldn’t do as long as you didn’t do anything against the TOS. As long as you delivered the full requirements for both of the milestones you delivered.


Yes, I delivered a lot more than the requirements and on time. Even after the orders I gave him 2 more games for wasting his time.
Anything against the TOS in the things I mentioned above? I don’t think there’s anything else other than “wasting” his time.

Edit: By “Milestones” I mean two separate orders as mentioned earlier. Just wanted to clear again. :slight_smile:


No I don’t think there’s anything against the TOS there. I think you should be okay.


Thank you so much for the replies. It was really making me stressed and can’t sleep well because of this bad experience. Thanks for your kind replies again!

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