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Am I invisible? I'm not sure what to do! Please fiverr experts, HELP ME!

Hey can anyone tell me how to break through? How do you start getting orders when you don’t have any reviews? Anyone willing to share with me and give me a little feedback?

You have some good ideas in your gigs, but you might find that an extra bit of proofreading of the gig texts might result in more sales.

Thank you catsquirrel. In my gigs stats, I don’t have any clicks showing. So, I’m not sure why. Would you be willing to share a specific problem you saw? Is it the title? Since I’m not getting clicks, I thought it might be that and/or the category too. Do you have any feedback on that.

Here’s a list from a post I wrote on the forum about how to get started. I based it on my own experience, and I went from a .5% conversion ratio to 3.6% and climbing. I’m averaging one order every day, but the last two days I had five and six orders each, respectively. You can read about what I learned here:

Reply to @kkerans: You’re welcome.

The gig titles look fine to me. They seem to be good summaries for the gigs. I’m afraid that I don’t have any useful advice to offer about the category, however.

The proofreading issues are more along the lines of comma splices in your introduction and words used incorrectly (such as “then” for “than” in your brainstorming gig). They’re tiny things, but they can subtly undermine a buyer’s faith in your expertise.

Reply to @catsquirrel: Thank you so much for taking your time out to help. I really appreciate it!

Reply to @jamesbulls: Thank you so much. I read your post and found it helpful! Thanks again and thank you for taking your time to respond.

I have the same issue. Any suggestions would be helpful.

poster; do you see any clicks on your stats now - as we have been clicking them… I wonder if the stats are up to date yet

Reply to @sliverfox: No clicks. And I have an order for 1 that says 0 clicks. So there is something wrong. I haven’t had updated clicks since mid day yesterday.