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Am I invisible?


After working so hard finally I became level one. But now no buyer knocking me. I’m keep sending offers on buyer request. But no one replying. Am I invisible?




You are not invisible. You are in competition.


You are not invisible. just try in right place. and do not copy past for buyer request. over 16 time copy past you will identify may be a spam. But I am not sure.
Thank You


Did you get to level 1 only by sending offers on buyer requests? If so, you may actually be invisible. You can still work on the buyer requests, but work in your gigs too - notice impressions and views, change key words, update descriptions, add new gigs. Sooner or later it will work and when it does, if your gig is really done right, it will take off big time.

Good luck!


Competition here on Fiverr makes me ask this question to myself many times :sob:


Hi Maruf, I looked at 3 of your gigs, your bestseller gig has a really very short description, like the shortest I ever saw, just 2 lines, the next gig has 2 lines only too, the 3rd gig has 3 lines.

Maybe write a bit more, that might help, if you´d like buyers who browse your category choose your gigs.
Look at the gig descriptions of other sellers who offer similar things to you, not to copy anything (!) but to get an idea, an inspiration for what kinds of things you could write.



Thanks. I’ll do that.