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Am I missing something about Revisions?

I have noticed for a while now that despite only offering 1 revision on some packages, buyers are still able to request more revisions.

This is making for some very awkward conversations and I end up taking on more work.

Am I misunderstanding what a revision means here?


Revisions works that way!
No matter how many revisions you offers buyer can always ask for as many revisions as they want, Its up to you if you want to help them out with extra efforts or not…
You can ask them to buy more revisions from EXTRAS but I am not sure how buyer will respond to that haha…
he may ask to cancel order too, and if you involve CS, they would simply answer you that they cant force Buyer to accept delivery if he is not satisfied with work :expressionless:

so better if there are small changes, you do them and peacefully complete order !

but if Buyer keep asking more and more revisions , more than you offered you can simply open ticket for that case and fiverr CS can suggest you best !


as i stated in another forum. this is the most abused feature on fiverr. buyers keep pressing “request revisions” to make us do extra work and CS does nothing about it.

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This is unfortunate. Coupled with a terrible experience I had just now with a Buyer who got work out of me for free, I now know where CS stands.

Thanks for the reply!

I am sorry that happened to you !
All of us have faced this at some point !

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