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Am I Missing Something Here?


I’m pretty new here on Fiverr. 30 days now. And I got my Level 1, so yea.

Like many new Sellers, I peruse the Buyer Requests every now and then, but unless I’m missing something, it seems to have morphed into a spot for Sellers to pitch themselves.

I thought the whole point of Buyer Requests was to let Buyers throw up a REQUEST and see if someone would bid on it.

All in all, it’s a pretty minor rant, but something I felt like I needed to get out there.


Its been like that for a long while now. The only way to report these rule breakers is to take screen caps of each one which is time consuming and does very little to keep the incident from repeating with others. There’s no permanent fix and all we can do is remove the ones that aren’t job requests from our view.


You are having a really good start. I saw you have 18 reviews already, and from a broad group of buyers. It seems to take 6 months for people to get out of the gate around here, and you’re already off and running. And writing is a pretty crowded category. Again, great job.

And, oh yeah, there is spam in the buyers’ requests. There’s also spam in the forum.

Good luck. :slight_smile:




Thank you for the kind words. I do feel very fortunate.

I’m having a great time and hope to keep building on the momentum.


@nayeem24 Buyer Requests is not for promoting what you sell. It is for buyers to request a service they want to buy. The point of the OP’s message is that sellers are using it incorrectly.


You would think that Sellers could figure it out for themselves, but apparently not. Another rant on the same subject…when people submit offers to the Sellers who are posting on BR.

WTH is that??? Are other Sellers just blindly shotgunning offers without even reading the post and realizing it’s another Seller incorrectly posting?

Makes me wonder about humanity sometimes.


Some of those might be bots, and some are sellers who have read somewhere to send 10 offers every day, so that’s what they’re doing. Indiscriminately.


Buyers Request abuse has been a problem on Fiverr for as long as I can remember. If you wish to laugh about it, you can check out a post I wrote in November last year.

Point is: yes, many sellers do join Fiverr without any prior knowledge of how the system works and expect perfect results from the start. These would often turn to the buyers’ requests section for a bit of visibility. We are mostly talking about people who barely speak English and definitely won’t bother visiting the forums or even reading the guides.

Some of these also spam general responses to the first 10 requests they see. I don’t exactly know why but, if I had to, I’d say there are money-making courses out there telling them to do so?

You aren’t missing anything: simply one of the worst parts of this platform’s community.
Still, that section can be useful to start out so… just go through it!
Good Luck!


Yeah mate, the only impression you’re making is a bad one.


you are going to get banned doing that.


@nayeem24 If you’re talking about advertising your services in Buyer Requests, you will be banned from Fiverr if you do that.


Click on the 3 dots under a post you want to delete, then on the trash symbol.


I’m Sorry. it is a mistake. I understand it is wrong. I’m deleting my comment.
Thanks to all.