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Am I missing something? or am I doing something wrong? Please Advise


I run a gig where I “shoutout your instagram or promote your product” I place these promotions and shoutouts on my Instagram page. So far it has been gaining a lot of traction and I was getting at least 1 order per day on average also I have 14 five star reviews as well as one, four star review. My impressions were rising gradually as can be seen in the picture attached there were a few drops (31st march) however that came down to no fault of my own and Fiverr support helped me out, I thought the sudden drop might have come down too having a limit of 1 order at a time (I added this about three days ago) so that I dont get in trouble with having customers wait two days before I can place their ad, however this is a really big drop and don’t believe that it could be the causing factor of the drop.

What I would be quicker to believe and am worried about is the fact is that about five days ago I had a buyer purchase my gig and then immediately want to cancel because she was looking at my personal Instagram page and not my business page, I stayed courteous however before accepting to cancel I wanted to contact Fiverr support because I’ve heard that having cancellations can impact the performance on your gig (which I do not believe I deserved) Fiverr support let me know that in this case it is not the case and that my gig was not impacted however I am starting too doubt that… Could anyone please help me I don’t know what I am doing wrong and the reason for this drop in impressions? could it just be because I have the limit on the amount of orders I can have in the cue? or is it something else?

Thank you in advance, and stay safe!


Your impressions chart is normal. It goes way up and way down sometimes.

We don’t have reasons and can only offer guesses based on nothing at all.

You can try taking the limit off and see what happens. The cancellation may or may not be affecting it. There is nothing to be done about that.

Whatever you did on March 31 caused a temporary spike in your impressions and it has settled down to where it was before.

What exactly did you change on March 29, and on March 31?

On the 31st all I did was add a small bit to the end of the description saying that I will not promote any ■■■■■■ or racist posts. Over the period of time that my gig has been active there has been a gradual growth in the impressions so I thought this was down to getting good reviews and coming up higher on the search list (I was at number two when searched however now I cannot find my gig anymore) But for some reason my impressions just dropped like a rock and yesterday i only got 221 impressions, Im finding it really hard to understand because so far I only have five star reviews and only one four star review with about 30 completed orders.

Would it be an idea that if my impressions keep decreasing that I contact Fiverr support to ask what the reason behind this drop of impressions? Also why I dropped on the search list?

Thank you for your help!

It happens to most of us. Mine do that all the time. I know how frustrating it is. You can ask CS about it but may not get a solid answer why it happened.

Alright well thank you for all the advice, do you know approximately how long this dip could last? I hope that this isn’t the end of my gig so to speak

I have no idea. I almost never look at those anyway. Why bother. I haven’t found them to be helpful since I have no control over all of the things fiverr does, nor do I understand why the changes happen.

alright well thank you for the help either way!

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You are most welcome! I’ve forgotten what it’s like to be thanked on the forum instead of insulted.

I know that in the past we would have had posts removed which now seem to be ok.

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