Am I missing something when it comes to graphic artistry?


I’ve made two purchases from two different graphic artists. One is a Level 2 Seller. The other is a TRS.

  1. I placed a $40 order with the Level 2 Seller. On delivery, the artwork presented carried a myriad of issues that even my untrained eye could spot. The work looked amateurish, and after several unsuccessful attempts at communicating with the Seller to have the issues resolved, I requested a cancellation, which of course was refused. We’ve continued communicating, things have got a little better but… then the communication stopped and the order has been in revision for almost 3 days now. Delivery time was also 3 days and I placed this order 6 days ago.

  2. I placed a $5 with the TRS. No real issues here with the quality, except… after I requested a revision the Seller asked a single question and has said nothing since. This order has been in revision for almost 3 days as well. The deadline for delivery has passed.

I’m not even sure if I want either delivery at this point.


Could this be a weekend or time difference problem?

I have a lot of Australians order videos with me for delivery in 1-day. I always manage to deliver work a few hours in advance of the deadline. However, if a buyer requests a revision, things get tricky.

If a revision request comes in, I deal with it as soon as I can. The only problem is that:

  • I have to give pending orders priority, especially if revisions are necessary due to buyers wanting to add new information
  • It is impossible to schedule real-life around revisions on Fiverr orders. If I plan to take timeout, I will not attend to a revision until I have time (Yes, ideally I will notify buyers but not in cases where I’m purposefully not using my PC or phone for a while)
  • Where revisions are requested on minimal $ orders which don’t include any revisins FOC, I will usually attend to these but only when I have completely cleared my to do list.

It is Monday. It was a holiday weekend where I am. Maybe it was for your seller also. If in doubt, simply ask for an update. As for not wanting the work anymore. Don’t be that kind of buyer unless there really is an issue, especially on a $5 order. :slight_smile:


I am curious why you would sink $40 into a Level 2 seller and only $5 into a TRS. If I were looking for quality I could count on I would have put my :moneybag: on the TRS. Or is it an issue of you thought you got more for your :money_with_wings: with the level 2? :thinking:


I don’t know but as a seller here my client always respond late on weekend. Usually took 2 days for me to get a feedback from my buyer if I deliver it on Sat or Sun. That’s sucks.



Spot on. I find myself responding to new messages, revision requests, order updates every day and every hour of the week. When walking my dog, when eating dinner, when visiting grandmother, in the end your mind never disconnects from it and it’s really exhausting.

I’m now thinking to put a line in my gig description that I might not be responding after certain hour and Sundays, will just generate an automatic response to let people know when I’ll get back to them just to give heads up. Most here have day jobs, most have families, some have kids, pets and gardens to care for so Fiverr is not always a priority.

I’ve noticed my buyers are less active and I get less messages/orders during the weekend and I’m really really happy about that.


Oh come on, you’ve got to respect persons right to have a weekend.


Personally, I wouldn’t bother. No one will read it. The bulk of my revision requests stem from basic (over delivered) orders which don’t include any FOC revisions. People just keep hitting the revision button anyway like mad mouse woodpeckers.


The TRS seller does not offer the services I purchased from the Level 2 Seller.

The Level 2 Seller came through, though, so I’m pleased.


I recently get flyer and logo done right here at fiverr, for flyer i paid 10 pound and for logo i paid 15 pound. I am very happy with the job, i was that happy with the job that i left the tip. It is really rare for me to leave the tip, so you can assume i was really happy lol.
If you want i can give their portfolio link(flyer one person logo another person).