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Am I MORALLY correct?

If I say that a gig takes 2 days to complete and I offer extras that can make it so I deliver within a day, is it LOGICALLY okay if I deliver the order in less than 24 hours or before the gig time? Does this render my other extras for a speedy delivery useless? I know that buyers prefer a faster delivery overall, but do faster deliveries than expected overall make the extra useless? This is PROBABLY very confusing, thanks in advance if you even understand what I mean… :joy:

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No it’s fine to do that - so they haven’t paid for the speedy gig extra, but you’re doing it as if they had.

You could tell them that as a bonus, you’ve included the speedy delivery at no extra charge, so they feel they’re getting something special.

Thanks for the tip! I just didn’t want to include anything that could potentially hurt my business.

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It certainly shouldn’t hurt it - it’ll make your clients feel special and they will hopefully come back to you again.

Good luck!

Thanks again! I’ll put your advice to work and make sure my clients feel even more appreciated then they already should!

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I did the same as you when I started selling three years ago. My delivery time was 2 days, but I delivered in 1 day always, and it worked fine for me.

Yea, I have more time because I don’t have all that many gig orders daily, so I can complete them more efficiently. But as I have more gigs, I may have to extend the times. Thanks for the input!

Definitely, always extend the delivery time after you get more orders, as buyers might think that you offer low quality work.

It’s a feature that allows 2 things - you can make extra income, buyers are happy with a fast product.

It’s your choice to deliver the order within 24 hours. It’s their choice to purchase the add-on for fast delivery.

I set longer deadlines, such as “8 days” and sometimes I deliver the first daft in 12 hours.

They feel so appreciative and I feel less stressed :wink:

:bulb: Joe


Yea, for sure. I will make sure to lengthen my delivery time as I get more gigs.

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Yea, clearing out my to-do’s does make me less stressed. Thanks for your input!

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I often deliver within 24 hours. My gig delivery times are for my benefit so that I don’t HAVE to if I have something else to do or am busy.

Some people who ask, I tell them I only guarantee 24 hour delivery if they buy the extra.

Some people who blatantly want to take advantage and try and get a 24 hour guarantee for free and won’t pay for the extra, I may coughs embarrassingly intentionally deliver in over 24 hours.


Yea, that’s what I thought, thanks for the input! Mine are generally only like 3 days to deliver and sometimes I try to deliver quickly. That’s really instinctive in my opinion. I would do the same thing if somebody were trying to cheat me out of my services.

Ah, well, you see; you’re young and starry-eyed and I’m old and cynical :slight_smile: