Am I not old enough to have my own money?


I am 17 years old and I’ve been working on fiverr for a while now. I have a part time job and when I get home I work on some fiverr orders, been saving money, use to be able to withdraw money through paypal and every thing was okay. Now, apparently, I cannot use my paypal anymore because I am under 18. I can’t use direct deposit because I am not 18. My question… HOW do I get MY money? That I earned! I’m sorry but this is frustrating me. I have over 40 dollars that is just sitting in my account with no place to go and it’s ridiculous. How can I get my money??


Have you contacted Fiverr Customer Support for assistance? They are the only people who can help you with this matter.


No I have not yet contacted them.


It’s PayPal’s rule, not Fiverr’s.

PayPal seems to set the minimum age as 18 for an account, although Fiverr lets anyone over 13 have an account.

Maybe speak to PayPal rather than Fiverr?


Not just paypal, because I cannot use direct deposit either.


And I just put in my problem to the fiverr support, but I’m not expecting a response any time soon, even though there’s someone here who has no access to their own money.


Is that because of your age as well?

Hopefully they’ll be able to help. :sunny:


Yes I am not able to use direct deposit because I am under 18.


It isn’t a Fiverr rule - I know there are some other guys under 18 who dont seem to have a problem, perhaps they can help.
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Actually, just thinking about it, I think some U18 people told me that they had used family members’ PP or banks to withdraw - not sure if they want to make that public though.


Hey @mackalexcreator,

I’m 16 years old & I’m also not allowed to have Paypal or direct deposit as well. To withdraw my money, I use my older brother bank account. He’s the one in charge of that part until I’m 18 years of age.

There’s also another option, I’m not quite sure if this is a possible thing in the US. But here in Egypt, we have something similar to credit cards for teenagers to use for internet use only. I never tried them before but I’m just pointing the idea so maybe you could search for something similar in the US.

Let me know if something worked for you, I hope you’ll find a way!

PS: I just saw an episode of your YT show. Honestly, two thumbs up for this great work. I liked the sense of humor along with the unexpected ending. :smile:


Haha I appreciate all the kind words on my work. It’s a big part of my life and I just hope to make a living off of it some day and this is why I was initially so frustrated with the payment situation. But thank you all for your help.


Sorry I’m so late to this but I haven’t encountered a problem like this yet. I’ve been able to use PayPal ever since I’ve started selling but I did have a problem with Payoneer. Maybe, like Eoin said, you could use your parent’s or somebody of legal age’s account and then find a way that they can pay you? I’m not sure but best of luck!

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What if you used your father’s paypal account? Or does the paypal account have to be in your name?


PayPal works for children under the age of 18 only in the USA.

PayPal limits this ability to the rest of the world including Canada.

However, you should be able to use the bank transfer feature so long as you have a bank account that is in your name.

In addition to using your bank account, you can always use a siblings/parents PayPal account.

Hope this clarifys why some people under 18 can use PayPal in their name.