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Am I Nuts ? Quadrupled My Rates

Hi Fiverr’s

Yes you read it right, after meticulous tweaking of my gigs. And also an assessment of my input/ouput of work and times and values. I decided to do this. I strongly believe this is needed for two reasons.
But whatever the reason, I feel it’s what I’m worth for the quality and unique offerings of my gigs.
The question is, am I Nuts ? Doing this withing 3 months on here and having a modest reputation. I hear that sometimes this actually works.

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High risk, high reward. Congratulations!

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That’s how it feels to me

I believe thats :point_up_2: … one of the keys or prerequisites (idk lol) to do this. I don’t think it works for everyone specially newbies like me…haha. cries…

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